Tap the brakes a little.
by hibernianangst (2012-05-20 21:01:48)
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  In reply to: Impressive  posted by Murcer68

Notre Dame will never get to a Super Regional until it signs a big time pitcher. Fastpitch softball is all about the circle. You must have a pitcher that throws in the mid to high sixties with movement and has a spot on change up to win at the highest level.

I really thought when Notre Dame signed Winter out of California they had finally signed the missing piece. Winter, while good enough to compete at the Big East level, is not a Pac 12 or SEC caliber pitcher.

I really like the fight and guile of the team but the missing piece is the dominating bell cow pitcher. Watch the College World series and you will see the type of pitching that Notre Dame has always lacked.

Also, Notre Dame lacks overall size and strength in the middle of the lineup. You need at least four players with the size and strength of Miller in your line up. Arizona is a good example.

If Michigan can get to the World Series and win it there is no excuse for Notre Dame not doing the same.


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