Just noticed our 2013 schedule has been announced
by ShermanOaksND (2012-11-19 14:14:16)
Edited on 2012-11-19 14:15:59
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Perhaps the coolest feature, especially for me, is that ND will make its first-ever appearance at Dodger Stadium, on March 10, in the 2013 Dodgertown Classic. Oddly, our opponent there will be Oklahoma; we play at UCLA and USC in the two days before the OU game. We've played at USC a few times but this is the first trip to UCLA I can recall. ND will stay in California over spring break, with a one-off game at UC Santa Barbara and a 3-game series at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo.

No Texas trip this year; the Irish Baseball Classic will be in ACC country, Cary, NC, versus UMass, Tennessee, Virginia Tech and Rhode Island, on March 1-3. USA Baseball will co-host; its facility is in Cary.

The home opener is also the Big East opener, versus Seton Hall, March 22-24. There's a home and home with Michigan (April 9 at ND, April 16 at AA). The home season ends the weekend before finals, versus USF, May 3-5; the final 7 regular season games are on the road (3 at SJU, one at WMU and 3 at Cincinnati).

Easier to go to UCLA or USC?
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This is from the perspective of driving/getting there/parking/security/etc. I may have to schedule a trip to LA that week for "business".

Depends on where you are and what time it is
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UCLA is a bit closer to LAX and certainly closer to the ocean, assuming that's where you want to stay. But there are also plenty of nice hotels downtown, which is much closer to both USC and Dodger Stadium. One other factor: USC is readily accessible by subway (Expo Line); UCLA is not.

I've never been to Dedeaux Field at USC, where we play Saturday afternoon, March 9. Jackie Robinson Stadium, where we play UCLA Friday night, March 9, is nice, although it's a pretty long walk from there to the rest of UCLA's campus (you'd have to go under the 405 Fwy). It's been many years since I was at JRS, but parking shouldn't be a big issue.

LA traffic is hideous during Friday rush hour, and also can be bad on Saturday afternoons. It shouldn't be an issue getting to Dodger Stadium on Sunday morning.

I have an arbitration hearing downtown on Friday, so I'm more likely to go to the USC game Saturday and the OU game at Dodger Stadium on Sunday.

As I finished this post I became worried that the LA Marathon might be on that Sunday. Fortunately, it's the next Sunday, March 17. Bad news if you're an Irish marathoner in LA, but good news for those wanting reasonable hotel rates for ND's trip.

That is very cool. I will be there.
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By the way, I have surmised over the years that you are a lawyer in downtown LA who is both an ND grad and a UCLA Law grad. Same here. Where do you work? We ought to grab a beer some time.

Certainly - I do work in downtown LA
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although I just started there this past July. For the previous 20 years I'd been with a firm in Universal City, which later moved to Glendale.

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