my favorite - went to regionals in sb and super regional at
by dbcsmith (2012-11-30 23:17:14)
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fsu - stanley made the most incredible play in centerfield i ever saw - the ball was hammered into deep left center and was going over a fairly high wall - just clearing the fence so it looked from my seat - stanley took off at the crack of the bat and did not slow down when he came to the wall - he leaped into the wall with his right foot leading and hitting the wall and his left hand stretched up - his right foot on the wall lifted him up like a parkour athlete and he grabbed the top of the wall with his left hand while turning his body sideways and caught the ball just as it was leaving the field. His glove must have been at least 10 feet above the ground. Stopped a rally and led to the win over #1 ranked fsu.


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