If he wants to play, we should be willing to listen.
by Mr Wednesday (2012-09-07 18:54:36)
Edited on 2012-09-07 18:55:13
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  In reply to: Oh, its the travel  posted by Irishlawyer

Until then, I file him along with other guys who just don't care that much about international play, and I say that the approach should be the same as Bruce Arena's with Joe Red (i.e. we aren't going to chase someone who says he doesn't want to be here).

I wouldn't necessarily give him a free pass back into the side, either. It would depend on timing. At this stage, he shouldn't just walk into the World Cup side. He needs to pay a certain amount of dues in qualifying—I'd say I'd want him available for the entire hex before I'd be willing to take him to Brazil. (Yes, there may be other players who end up joining the team in Brazil who didn't start until after the start of the hex. But their reason would be interest on our side, not availability on theirs. Yes, I'm probably being stupidly petty about it.)


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