brilliant article
by plaid_pants (2012-09-13 05:50:41)
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  In reply to: Very interesting read on US soccer (link)  posted by Xaeryne

Matthew Doyle is becoming the US's own version of Jonathan Wilson, Phil Ball or Uli Hess. I've attached a link to his Armchair Analyst columns at MLSsoccer.

I especially enjoyed his perspective on Claudio Reyna. We had essentially the same argument back here about 4 years ago. Doyle writes about the context of the rest of the team around Reyna that clears up some of that debate in my opinion. (For those that don't remember, I was anti-Reyna in the 2002 and 2006 time frame because I felt he needlessly slowed down the US counter attack which was our strength).

I wished he wrote a little more about McBride and Altidore as he did about Reyna. That was the other debate we had back here.


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