It looks like bottom of foot to side of player contact.
by ferndog (2013-03-06 02:13:29)
Edited on 2013-03-06 02:33:33
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  In reply to: It was side foot to chest contact.  posted by baloo88

Nani did not side-foot the guy; he caught Albeola on the side with his studs. Perhaps not devastatingly so...but the bottom of the player's foot makes contact. It's incorrectly being billed as a studs to chest play.

I feel as though the ref would've needed instant replay to not rule this a red card. It happened really fast, with two players sent sprawling in full-effect. And even with the different TV angles and slo-mo replays, it still is a very tough call (at least to these eyes anyway).

At the very best, it was a stupid fucking reckless play that most importantly looks like a horrendous foul at normal speed.


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