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  • Questions And Kelly

    (Notre Dame Football News ) – I’m not sure where Old Man’s guide to surviving the off-season ( which details the normal ebb and flow of Irish emotion during the off-season) resides right now, but it appears that four straight bumbled hires have at least temporarily caused flow interruptus.  Pre-season hopes, especially in a coaching … Full Notre Dame News Story

    The Results Are In: NDNation Probability Poll

    (Notre Dame Football News) – For the 4th year the NDNation Probability Poll is in…. can 7,000 fans be wrong?  They have been three years running.    The Probability Poll takes the temperature of Irish fans heading into the season.

    We came up with the probability concept to put a little more thought around predictions than … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Nordy and Knute (Rockne)

    (Notre Dame Football News | by Scott Engler) – I recently ran into a Domer who told me the story of “Nordy”.  Far before Rudy, Frank Hoffman was part of Irish lore from the Rockne days.  A member of the Hall of Fame and All-American, Nordy had never played football… until one day, walking across … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Does Notre Dame Football Have Championship Talent?

    by Scott Engler

    (Notre Dame Football News) – The short story, as you’l

    l see below, is that from a pure  “recruited talent”* objective perspective ND has the raw material to be in the thick of the BCS race this year. Everyone has questions at this point, but ND’s are comparatively few and where there … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Patience and Measuring Success

    For the third time in the past decade, a new football head coach will lead the Fighting Irish into battle. While the players and coaches have changed, the lofty expectations and glowing reports from “insiders” remain a constant. I’m reminded that Tyrone Willingham and Charlie Weis created an instant buzz with promising first seasons, but … Full Notre Dame News Story