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  • Video of Anthony Rabasa

    (Notre Dame Football Recruiting News) –

    ESPN: There is not much to dislike about Rabasa’s game as he is a productive and well-rounded defensive end. He has good size and the frame to be able to add more good bulk with time in a college weight program. He flashes very good quickness off the ball… Full Notre Dame News Story

    Choose Independence

    The under the radar campaign to prepare Notre Dame Nation for a move to the Big Ten that began with an ‘oops’ moment in New York continued yesterday. Executive Vice President John Affleck-Graves was in Scottsdale last night for UND Night with the Notre Dame Club of Phoenix, and told one alumnus and NDNation member, … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Kelly 2010 Spring Press Conference

    COACH KELLY: Good afternoon. It’s an exciting day around here today. There’s an energy in the building that I think we all feed off of as coaches and players. I know our players are excited about today. I know our coaches are.

    You know, again, it’s what we do. It’s getting out on the field, … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Kelly and the Running Game

    *These are several posts from suave_andrew that I combined together.

    Probably no other aspect of Brian Kelly’s offense will receive more attention than how the run game performs. This is due mainly for two reasons: 1) Charlie Weis’s inability to establish the run at Notre Dame played a large role in his downfall and 2) … Full Notre Dame News Story