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  • Weis, Brey and the Next Bucket List

    (The Rock Report) – Charlie will be back in ’09 and he’s going to have the most talented team to walk through a Notre Dame tunnel since 1993. But will they be better? If Charlie makes the right hires, I believe we’ll be a BCS team the next two years.

    That’s a big if, but … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Hold Your Mud

    Someone used that phrase on the boards today, and I resolved to add it to my lexicon. And it’s applicable now, because given the events and my writings of the last couple days, I want to make sure an important point doesn’t get lost here.

    I still want Charlie Weis to succeed.

    I have no … Full Notre Dame News Story

    It Just Goes to Show

    Show what, I’m not at all sure.

    Nothing, it seems, has been what it seems for the last couple weeks. Charlie Weis was fired, and then he was not. Jack Swarbrick was meeting with him next Monday, then it became last Tuesday when both were jetting around four time zones on the left coast. A … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Show Me The (Idiots Who Wasted My) Money

    Charlie Weis’ buyout number is getting to be like the Loch Ness monster … the more ridiculous the claims, the more you wonder if it exists at all.

    The latest report comes from WNDU: a figure on the wrong side of $20 million. Although no one knows for sure, that number would be consistent with … Full Notre Dame News Story