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  • Depth Becomes Her

    (The Rock Report) – It’s been 16 years since Our Lady has seen this much depth on a Notre Dame football team. Quality depth is an important and underrated factor on any team with championship aspirations. Weis singled out depth on the offensive line, but there’s quality depth all over the field. For example, when’s … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Never Accept Mediocrity

    Two years ago Notre Dame signed the best recruiting class in the country, demonstrating very clearly that Notre Dame was able to not just compete, but beat out every school in the country on the recruiting trail.

    This year, Notre Dame was in line for the top class in the country again, but worries about … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Weis Transcript

    COACH WEIS: Good afternoon. I’m glad to be back, see so many smiling faces. The reason why we had to kind of split up media day into the coaches today and players tomorrow is that actually today is final exams. They’re taking exams right till late afternoon. Then when they finish with exams, they actually … Full Notre Dame News Story

    No Time for Words: Weis On the 2009 Season

    (The Rock Report) – At least Charlie struck the right tone to start his most important season at Notre Dame. Irish fans, weary of empty promises, such as “we’re going to pound it” were instead treated to a short, mostly fact-based press conference to start 2009.

    In a theme Weis repeated again and again throughout … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Past Performance, Future Results

    (The Rock Report) – Of the many challenges confronting businesses, one of the hardest is how to accurately forecast the future to make business decisions now. So many variables have changed that our old reliable indicators aren’t much use right now. Many indicators, which traditionally have been forward looking indicators, are, because of the economic … Full Notre Dame News Story