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  • Brian Kelly and the Secret Sauce

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    (The Rock Report ) –

    “Every victory is won before the game is played.” ~ Lou Holtz

    I was out having some drinks and ran into a player on the 1988 team … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Notre Dame Has Run Out Of Mulligans And Flyers

    The last four coaching searches by Notre Dame have resulted in failure (one of them before the coach hired ever coached a game). That adds up to only one successful coach in the last 29 years – one successful hire out of the last 6 attempts going back to Gerry Faust. Notre Dame’s brand and … Full Notre Dame News Story

    A Fitting End

    The Charlie Weis era came to a close at Stanford on Saturday evening in a manner that highlighted his shortcomings as a head coach. The Notre Dame defense, which Weis could never elevate to a respectable level of performance in his five year tenure, was instructed to allow the Cardinal to score the winning touchdown … Full Notre Dame News Story

    It Can’t End Soon Enough

    Notre Dame closes the regular season with a meaningless game at Stanford on Saturday as the Charlie Weis era comes to an inglorious end. The 6-5 Irish are eligible for a post season bowl, but that technicality should not convince anyone that a postseason game will benefit the program in any constructive way.

    A new … Full Notre Dame News Story

    A Football Carol

    *Posted for Matoria

    A cold November wind blew across the Northern Indiana landscape as Jack Swarbrick settled into his bedroom for the night. He had been looking forward to this respite for the better part of the afternoon; a chance to escape the pressure, the speculation, the inquiring stares that had filled his days for … Full Notre Dame News Story