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  • Charlie’s Big Bet

    (The Rock Report) – Weis is betting big on the USC game this week. Not necessarily to win, but with the future of the program. There will be between 10 and 15 four and five-star recruits on campus as the Irish look to break the Trojans’ seven year stranglehold. As noted by Tom Lemming in … Full Notre Dame News Story

    21st Century Irish

    I’ve long pushed for Notre Dame to enter the 21st century and take advantage of technological opportunities to make the fan experience better. I’m also a staunch opponent of any kind of “big screen” in Notre Dame Stadium, preferring those who want the entertainment to provide for themselves rather than affect my game experience.

    So … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Irish Stand Up to Huskies

    Notre Dame’s defense rose up late in the game to give Jimmy Clausen and the offense a chance to come back in a 37-30 overtime victory against the Washington Huskies. The Irish stonewalled quarterback Jake Locker in three goal line series to rescue the team from certain defeat, while Robert Hughes’ touchdown in overtime finally … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Irish Battle Improved Dawgs

    The rejuvenated Washington Huskies invade Notre Dame on Saturday in the hopes of recording a victory against the Irish for the first time in history. The visitors are 2-2 this season, which is already a marked improvement over last year’s 0-12 squad coached by Tyrone Willingham. Former USC assistant Steve Sarkisian, 35, has taken the … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Continuation and Correction: Washington

    The Fighting Irish sit at 3-1 after escaping West Lafayette with a win, and now have three in a row at home. What must they continue to do, and what corrections are required, if they’re going to build on a two-game win streak going into the bye?

    The biggest continuation is the use of the … Full Notre Dame News Story