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  • Talent, Coaching and Chemistry

    (The Rock Report) – Talent

    At this point, nothing matters but performance. But as the chart on the left shows, Notre Dame will emerge this year from the upper level talent dearth that is finally working its way out of the system in 2009.

    This chart, based on WTF68’s analysis, is an updated analysis of … Full Notre Dame News Story

    More Heavyweights

    NBC’s Notre Dame contract includes seven Irish home games and one prime-time neutral site game annually through 2015. “You could do [a series with Miami] … plus do one home and home.”

    A quote from a post on Rock’s House or Cartier Field? Nope. It’s a quote from Notre Dame Athletics Director Jack Swarbrick.

    Yesterday’s … Full Notre Dame News Story

    It’s Gotta Be the Chicken

    Seems like every time someone mentions the words “admissions” or “facilities” on the Pit these days, the indignation flows thick and fast. A lot of people criticize those of us who bring these things up, using words like “apologist” and opining that our standards for ND basketball are somehow lower than they should be.

    There’s … Full Notre Dame News Story

    No Room for Error

    (The Rock Report) – Everything is on the line this year for Charlie Weis.

    He is at a career tipping point.

    If Charlie loses more than three games during the season and fails to make a BCS game, chances are, he’s out. If he loses three games and the Irish are whacked again by USC, … Full Notre Dame News Story