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  • Haywood Moving Up

    EsPN is reporting Fighting Irish offensive coordinator (and alumnus) Mike Haywood is going to get his first head coaching job at that long-time Cradle of Coaches, Miami University in Oxford, OH.

    Congratulations to Mike, who hoed a long row to get his shot. We’ll be keeping an eye on the RedHawks next season, and wish … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Bowling for Sunshine

    Notre Dame continues its quest for a bowl victory on Christmas Eve in the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl against the University of Hawaii. The matchup is essentially a home game for the Warriors, but the Irish were more than happy to make the trip to this tropical paradise after their regular season ended in disappointing fashion. … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Lunchpail Numbers

    While Mike Brey’s Notre Dame teams have enjoyed varying levels of success, one constant has been the level of effort his players give, both during and after their South Bend stints. Though not always announced on draft night, Brey’s charges have played their way into NBA contracts and starting positions as the result of indefatigable … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Merry Christmas

    Early as it may be, on behalf of Michael, Scott and John, I’d like to wish our readers a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Here’s to health, happiness, and good discussions in 2009.… Full Notre Dame News Story

    Pat Fits? Don’t Think So

    I was working on the (very tardy) headlines this evening when a Sun Times entry caught my eye:

    PAT’s no irish tap dancer

    The folks at the Kiddie Paper, as my grandfather used to call them, aren’t really good at indicating what their articles are about via the headlines, so I opened it up to … Full Notre Dame News Story