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  • NDN Probability Poll

    It’s what you’ve been waiting for, the annual NDNation Probability Poll. Please choose your estimated probability that Notre Dame will beat each of the teams on the schedule. In addition to the match-up, placement in the schedule, location of the game, maturation of players, etc. are all considerations. We’ll aggregate these and report back on … Full Notre Dame News Story

    A Step in the Right Direction

    This entry was authored by Chip Lewis, aka SBDomer, who ever since the announcement of the commission to investigate game day issues has been communicating with and giving input to the people involved in the process.

    With the announcement of the new game-day policies for home football games, the Notre Dame administration has signaled that … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Adult Swim

    My dad was a Notre Dame graduate, and before he spent 12 straight years paying ND tuition for my brother, sister and me and got a little burned out on the practice, he went to plenty of ND football games. He’d head eastbound on Friday nights or Saturday mornings. Sometimes he’d return in the evenings, … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Depth Becomes Her

    (The Rock Report) – It’s been 16 years since Our Lady has seen this much depth on a Notre Dame football team. Quality depth is an important and underrated factor on any team with championship aspirations. Weis singled out depth on the offensive line, but there’s quality depth all over the field. For example, when’s … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Never Accept Mediocrity

    Two years ago Notre Dame signed the best recruiting class in the country, demonstrating very clearly that Notre Dame was able to not just compete, but beat out every school in the country on the recruiting trail.

    This year, Notre Dame was in line for the top class in the country again, but worries about … Full Notre Dame News Story