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    For the first twenty-odd minutes of Saturday night’s season opener, it appeared as though Georgia Tech’s defense had either attended fall practice at Notre Dame or had developed a method to sneak into the Irish huddle. So complete was Tech’s control of the vaunted Notre Dame offense that even Charlie Weis had no answers.

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    Notre Dame has waited eight months to erase the disappointment of last season’s 34-20 loss in the Fiesta Bowl, and the Irish finally get their chance on Saturday night in Atlanta against Georgia Tech. This year’s squad carries the weight of higher expectations after Charlie Weis engineered a remarkable turnaround in 2005, but the team … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Mooooo Part Twoooooo

    Obviously I stated my point unclearly in my original Moooo entry, so I’ll try to clarify and simplify.

    I find it illogical that, at a time the athletics department has a critical unfunded need like the Joyce Center renovations (that will help multiple sports), over 90 percent of a windfall like the Fiesta Bowl payoff … Full Notre Dame News Story

    The Pathetic Obsession Continues

    No, I’m not talking about my Joyce Center rants. I’m talking about the obsession with Charlie Weis that our little friends at have, as evidenced by this quote in their latest article:

    Every move you make, every breath you take, every Twinkie you inhale…That’s right, Little Tuna, we’ll be watching you. As Charlie Weis … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Moooo [choke]

    Once again, I’m reminded of the bass-ackwards way in which Notre Dame funds its athletics programs via an email fowarded to me today.

    ND had $11.2 million in cash (after expenses) from the Fiesta Bowl bid that the football team earned last season. Here’s how the money was spent:

    $1.5m for retrospective purchases for the… Full Notre Dame News Story