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  • Too Old for Hide and Seek

    From Deep Throat on down, a lot of good has been done by anonymous sources over the years. But the age of the Internet has brought them out of the woodwork like carpenter ants from a falling tree, and the degree of accountability has fallen in direct proportion to their multiplication.

    And now, Weis vs. … Full Notre Dame News Story

    The Unclaimed Championship

    by omahadomer

    Notre Dame conventionally claims 11 national championships: 1924, 1929 and 1930 under Rockne; 1943, 1946, 1947 and 1949 under Leahy; 1966 and 1973 under Ara; 1977 under Devine; and 1988 under Holtz.

    Now, there are several years pre-Rockne where ND was also somebody’s national champion: Jesse Harper’s 1913 team was 7-0-0, outscored the … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Scrutiny vs. Scrutiny

    I’ve tried to stay out of the brou-ha-ha regarding the recent South Bend Tribune articles regarding Jimmy Clausen’s recruitment and its effects or lack thereof on the philosophies of the Notre Dame football program. Not only am I not the site’s football guy in the first place, I dislike recruiting in all college sports, and … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Notre Dame’s Greatest Rival

    by ndoldtown

    Notre Dame fans often speak in terms of “rivals” and “big games”. Often younger fans are influenced by games that have been important recently, such as Miami in the eighties. Some fans are influenced to call teams they dislike intensely “rivals”, such as Michigan. Others focus on teams that may have had recent … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Mighty Kevin at the bat

    The mistakes that can drive you crazy are the ones which, while they have no lasting repercussions on the overall path of your life, remain things you wish you’d done differently because of how they reflect on your self-image. One of those gnaws at me to this very day.

    There was a girl in high … Full Notre Dame News Story