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  • Back to the Future

    Regardless of what the calendar said, I always knew college football season was coming when the preview magazines hit the shelves. If we were up at the lake, I’d duck in to the drugstore to grab them all off the shelf and spend glorious hours pouring over them on the porch. Prior to the days … Full Notre Dame News Story

    No Niedermeyers Here

    Former Irish QB Brady Quinn’s charity, 3rd and Goal, is joining forces with Salute, Inc., to launch a new campaign aimed at providing support for veterans of our armed forces. The campaign, called Drop and Give Me 10, wants to raise $100,000 to give veterans and their families much-needed support.

    Their methodology is similar to … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Spring Preview – Offense

    Above the position battles, Irish fans are interested in one big question:  Does Brian Kelly fully recognize the extra risk that comes with the passing game? As noted in “if Weis fails”, former Head Coach Charlie Weis was infamous for his blind eye to the risks of the passing game, continually noting that “the play … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Spring Preview – Defense

    After the historic pounding Notre Dame’s defense took at the end of the 2014 season (and following his ugly season at Auburn,) it’s fair to wonder if Brian Van Gorder is a defensive coordinator passed by time. Early into the  2014 season, the Irish looked strong, but once faced by pace/tempo (meaning, the sub packages … Full Notre Dame News Story


    Three weeks ago, I documented the Notre Dame basketball team’s progress over the course of the season within the construct of Bruce Tuckman’s stages of team development. You will recall that Tuckman, a professor of psychology at Ohio State, identified a model for the stages of team development and successful leader behaviors for each. His … Full Notre Dame News Story