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  • Off The Schneid

    The Schneid… Is there anything worse than being on the Schneid?

    According to The Word Detective:

    “Schneid” is actually short for “schneider,” a term originally used in the card game of gin, meaning to prevent an opponent from scoring any points. “Schneider” entered the vocabulary of gin from German (probably via Yiddish), where it means … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Tick Tock (Revisited)

    I wrote an article titled “Tick Tock” a little more than a year ago.  At the time, Notre Dame was missing free throws. The team suffered through scoring droughts in every game. Defensive lapses were frequent. The close game toughness that was a hallmark of the 2014-15 Fighting Irish had not shown itself by January … Full Notre Dame News Story

    You Have To Watch His Feet

    David Rivers scored 2,058 points during his college career, sixth on Notre Dame’s illustrious list; and he is fifth on the assists list behind Chris Thomas, Tory Jackson, Jerian Grant, and Eric Atkins despite playing in an era when 30-game seasons, including the NCAA Tournament, were rare.

    Rivers also ranks among Notre Dame’s leaders in … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Thank You, Bryce Drew

    One might argue that there have been coaches who fit Notre Dame as well as Mike Brey has, but it would be hard to make a case that anyone has been a better fit. He embraces what Notre Dame is, quirky as that might be at times; and he wastes zero energy telling his bosses … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Myopic Arrogance and Brian Kelly

    It’s hard not like some of the off-season moves by Brian Kelly, but hell, any moves look good next to a 4-8 debacle and three years of terrible defense.

    What’s apparent from all sources is that Longo and Booker have been a problem for years.  Brian Van Gorder, from the FSU game on, has been … Full Notre Dame News Story