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  • Passing Fancy

    “He can make passes when he’s in the air turning back on his body with two guys draped on him, and he still delivers it to that shooting pocket for guys.”

    That was Notre Dame Head Coach Mike Brey after the Fighting Irish defeated Wake Forest 88-75 on Tuesday. He was, of course, talking about … Full Notre Dame News Story

    An Early Easter

    Users of our site are well familiar with the story of Easter Heathman, the long-time tender of the memorial at the site where Knute Rockne’s plane crashed. His daughter, Sue Ann Heathman Brown, now heads fundraising for the Chase County Historical Society & Museum, which helps to keep the history of that area alive. Recently, … Full Notre Dame News Story

    The Story of the Season

    The games are a sports fan’s raison d’être, but there is more to a team’s season than a series of game outcomes. Every season is a story that sometimes unfolds as expected and sometimes unfolds in the most surprising ways. If you watch only the big games or if you ignore the early season games … Full Notre Dame News Story

    In The Eye of the Beholder

    It was the biggest Notre Dame basketball game in years, the JACC’s first matchup of top 10 teams since 2003 (and before that 1980), so big that Dick Vitale was assigned to the game.

    “That lived up to the hype, didn’t it,” Notre Dame Head Coach Mike Brey said as he walked into the press … Full Notre Dame News Story

    2015 Football Recruiting (P)review

    No one’s going to look at Notre Dame’s 2015 recruiting class and immediately think “National Championship”. The Irish landed top players at quarterback, tight-end, center and kicker as well a slew of promising players at other positions, but the Irish came up short (or at least questionable) at a number of key positions.

    Less of … Full Notre Dame News Story