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  • Temple’s Arrival Ends Trying Offseason

    It wasn’t the longest offseason in Notre Dame history – it just seemed like it. After eight months of setbacks both on and off the gridiron, Notre Dame hopes to rekindle the magic that helped produce a 12-0 regular season in 2012. The Irish will ease into this campaign by hosting the Temple Owls in … Full Notre Dame News Story

    IBG: Owl Wisdom

    Irish Blogger GatheringOnce again, the start of the season looms, and it’s time to kick off the regular season editions of the Irish Blogger Gathering. This week, Keith Arnold of NBC’s Inside the Irish answered my five … er, three questions, and you can read his contributions below. My questions were provided by Aaron Horvath at Strong … Full Notre Dame News Story

    You’ll Never Beat the Irish, ND Style

    One of our posters on NDNation undertook a project with the Irish group The Wolfe Tones, and we wanted to share the results with our readership.

    It’s less than a week until kickoff.

    Several years ago, I mentioned to El Kabong the possibility of getting the Wolfe Tones to revise their “You’ll Never Beat the … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Upping the Offensive Ante in 2013

    (The Rock Report) – Every team has its own personality; last year’s Irish squad was the scrapper. Stout as any unit in the country on defense, the offense, directed by Chuck Martin, focused on supporting the defense. When in doubt, the Irish traded opportunity for field position and low turnovers. That will likely change in … Full Notre Dame News Story