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  • Spring Preview – Defense

    After the historic pounding Notre Dame’s defense took at the end of the 2014 season (and following his ugly season at Auburn,) it’s fair to wonder if Brian Van Gorder is a defensive coordinator passed by time. Early into the  2014 season, the Irish looked strong, but once faced by pace/tempo (meaning, the sub packages … Full Notre Dame News Story


    Three weeks ago, I documented the Notre Dame basketball team’s progress over the course of the season within the construct of Bruce Tuckman’s stages of team development. You will recall that Tuckman, a professor of psychology at Ohio State, identified a model for the stages of team development and successful leader behaviors for each. His … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Four Minutes

    The score was 55-55. Butler’s Roosevelt Jones had the ball with a standing dribble at quarter court as the clock wound down. Pat Connaughton stood in a defensive stance as he waited just outside the free throw line for Jones to drive for what he hoped would be a game winning shot.

    Jones had been … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Wonder, Think & Know — Thirteen Percent Edition

    Mike Royko never said, “Some things you wonder, some things you think, and some things you just know.” But he probably would have picked the Irish to make the Sweet 16. He was smart like that.

    Just to give you a little perspective on what you’re seeing right now, Notre Dame started allowing its men’s … Full Notre Dame News Story

    The Time Is Now

    The date: October 26, 1973

    The setting: Notre Dame’s pep rally the night before the USC football game

    The speaker: Irish co-captain Willie Townsend

    The backdrop: Undefeated Notre Dame had not beaten USC in its last six games, a 0-4-2 run punctuated by Anthony Davis’ six touchdown performance in the Los Angeles Coliseum in November … Full Notre Dame News Story