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  • Wonder, Think & Know — Thirteen Percent Edition

    Mike Royko never said, “Some things you wonder, some things you think, and some things you just know.” But he probably would have picked the Irish to make the Sweet 16. He was smart like that.

    Just to give you a little perspective on what you’re seeing right now, Notre Dame started allowing its men’s … Full Notre Dame News Story

    The Time Is Now

    The date: October 26, 1973

    The setting: Notre Dame’s pep rally the night before the USC football game

    The speaker: Irish co-captain Willie Townsend

    The backdrop: Undefeated Notre Dame had not beaten USC in its last six games, a 0-4-2 run punctuated by Anthony Davis’ six touchdown performance in the Los Angeles Coliseum in November … Full Notre Dame News Story

    A Story About Dads

    This week, I had a chance to peruse a new book, I Love You, Dad, written by Notre Dame parent Daniel McCain. His family hopes, via the proceeds of this book, to endow a scholarship at Notre Dame in the name of Russell McCain, Daniel’s father and subject of the book. Other proceeds will benefit … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Relatively Speaking

    Some of the discussion in the wake of Notre Dame’s first ACC title in men’s basketball has revolved around the position this win deserves in the history of the program. After all, ND fans can remember a lot of big moments — Dwight Clay’s shot from the corner, Orlando Woolridge taking down the Cavaliers, 29-clap-clap-and-one-clap-clap, … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Turns Out Frank Was Right

    OK, fessing up, I had this quotation wrong in the first version of the story. I’m not sure why I thought it was Terry Hanratty talking about Ara Parseghian, but I think my brain’s warranty ran out at 40. I’m sure Ara feels the same way, but I’ve corrected the citations.

    One of my earliest … Full Notre Dame News Story