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  • Down Sometimes But Never Out

    Notre Dame overcame an 18-point deficit to claim an 81-78 overtime victory over North Carolina State in Raleigh on Sunday evening. If you were one of many Fighting Irish fans who wrote them off when the Wolfpack extended its lead to 40-22 late in the first half, you didn’t know your ND basketball history. … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Close, Comfortable Shaves

    Notre Dame’s 75-70 victory over Miami on Saturday improved its record in close and/or overtime games to 5-2 this season, close defined as games decided by 6 points (two possessions) or less.

    I doubt that record is a surprise to Notre Dame fans given the team’s success to date, but I don’t think many Irish … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Not Again

    This week’s column was ready to post when news of Zach Auguste’s suspension broke. So much for a positive tone.

    The first report that included comment from Notre Dame was Angelo DeCarlo’s, posted on at 10:30 AM on Wednesday. The spokesman said that the length of the suspension had not been determined yet and … Full Notre Dame News Story

    A Good Start

    Monday’s 71-70 victory over North Carolina in Chapel Hill left the Fighting Irish with a 3-0 ACC record, a 15-1 overall record, and a #13 ranking in the current AP poll. It’s a good start.

    Good. Not great.

    “To be 3-0 in this league, we’re thrilled,” Mike Brey said after the Carolina game, “but we … Full Notre Dame News Story


    I make neither secret of or apology for my years spent marching with the Band of the Fighting Irish. It was one of my favorite experiences during four of the best years of my life. I made life-long friends (including my wife) and got paid to attend New Years Day bowl games (including a National … Full Notre Dame News Story