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  • Betting on a Long-Shot

    (The Rock Report) – Consider Bob Stoops’ past the ghost of Kelly’s football future.

    Stoops reiterated that OU should have tried to establish the run a bit more. The Sooners had 24 run plays compared to 52 pass attempts (against Notre Dame.)  “You do need to run the football,” Stoops said. “Probably in hindsight we … Full Notre Dame News Story

    No Fate But What We Make

    I was working at one of my kids’ fundraiser Sunday morning, and a fellow parent who knew I was an ND alumnus came over to chat about the loss Saturday night. He’s a B1G grad, but of a school we never play, and we share a mutual loathing of those in Ann Arbor, so the … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Michigan Scores by the Gallon

    Michigan built a 27-13 halftime lead behind the running and passing of Devin Gardner and held off a comeback attempt by Notre Dame to defeat the Irish 41-30 on Saturday night before a Michigan Stadium record crowd of over 115,000. Gardner threw four touchdown passes and ran for another score, while Jeremy Gallon had 184 … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Wonder, Think and Know: “No Defense” Edition

    At some point, Mike Royko never saying, “Some things you wonder, some things you think, and some things you just know,” is going to turn into a “Craig James killed five hookers” thing.

    At the beginning of the season, I told multiple people “If you bet the Irish this season, bet the under.” I hereby … Full Notre Dame News Story

    A Close Game Likely at Michigan

    Notre Dame travels to Ann Arbor on Saturday night to write another chapter in the moderately significant but soon to be discontinued rivalry with the Michigan Wolverines. Both teams won season-opening games against overmatched opponents, but this contest is a more reliable barometer of strength and national standing. The Irish will try to dispel the … Full Notre Dame News Story