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  • IBG: I’ve Got Your Boiler Right Here

    Irish Blogger GatheringThe Irish are off to West Lafayette seeking answers to their struggles. Meanwhile, the Irish Blogger Gathering has answers galore. My five … er, three questions were answered below by Frank Vitovich at UHND. I was water-Boilered by Keith Arnold over at Inside the Irish, so check my opinion out over there. Seek edification also … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Betting on a Long-Shot

    (The Rock Report) – Consider Bob Stoops’ past the ghost of Kelly’s football future.

    Stoops reiterated that OU should have tried to establish the run a bit more. The Sooners had 24 run plays compared to 52 pass attempts (against Notre Dame.)  “You do need to run the football,” Stoops said. “Probably in hindsight we … Full Notre Dame News Story

    No Fate But What We Make

    I was working at one of my kids’ fundraiser Sunday morning, and a fellow parent who knew I was an ND alumnus came over to chat about the loss Saturday night. He’s a B1G grad, but of a school we never play, and we share a mutual loathing of those in Ann Arbor, so the … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Michigan Scores by the Gallon

    Michigan built a 27-13 halftime lead behind the running and passing of Devin Gardner and held off a comeback attempt by Notre Dame to defeat the Irish 41-30 on Saturday night before a Michigan Stadium record crowd of over 115,000. Gardner threw four touchdown passes and ran for another score, while Jeremy Gallon had 184 … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Wonder, Think and Know: “No Defense” Edition

    At some point, Mike Royko never saying, “Some things you wonder, some things you think, and some things you just know,” is going to turn into a “Craig James killed five hookers” thing.

    At the beginning of the season, I told multiple people “If you bet the Irish this season, bet the under.” I hereby … Full Notre Dame News Story