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  • If You Were a Tree….

    The everyday users of NDNation probably wouldn’t recognize the name Susan McGonigal. And frankly, that would be just the way Susan would want it.

    Susan was the quintessential “woman behind the curtain”. She worked in the Notre Dame Media Relations office, and chances are if you were a member of the Fourth Estate and had … Full Notre Dame News Story


    (The Rock Report) – Sports Illustrated described Parseghian thusly, “Ara is an impatient, determined man, convinced he can return Notre Dame to a position of dominance in college football, and this he undoubtably will do one day – but not in 1964.”

    Sports Illustrated was wrong.(see this Time Magazine article for a great story on … Full Notre Dame News Story

    The Rock Report: What Would Rockne Do?

    jumbotron Ags lead series“My wife and I went to the Notre Dame vs. USC game in 2009. The thing that impressed me the most about the whole experience was the fact that there was NO Gig’tron type artificial hype in the entire stadium. Notre dame’s football stadium is a shrine for the football purist” ~ Keith, Texas A&M … Full Notre Dame News Story

    A Question of Priorities

    Like most of you, the announcement yesterday of potential expansion / upgrade plans for Notre Dame Stadium caught me a bit by surprise. Given the efforts of our own NDRoman21 to do the same thing, it certainly wasn’t a foreign concept, but the desire to do something concrete certainly came out of the blue.

    There’s … Full Notre Dame News Story

    The Fighting ____________

    We were fortunate enough to get a priest from St. Rita, the all-male Roman Catholic school on the South side near where my father grew up and went to school. As he listened to family members talk about “the tough SOB” my father prided himself on being when he was alive, the priest smiled and … Full Notre Dame News Story