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  • Mike Brey Mic’ed Up

    The ACC digital network got to spend a day with the Notre Dame men’s basketball team, and Mike Brey spent that day’s practice wired so fans could get a look at how things go behind the scenes. Watch as he jokes around with his players, goes over how big men should attack the hoop, plus … Full Notre Dame News Story

    CI Interviews Mike Brey

    Campus Insiders sits down with men’s basketball coach Mike Brey to talk about adjusting to the ACC and life without Demetrius Jackson, but that’s not the best part of the interview. Shae Peppler and the Notre Dame head coach banter about the Irish’s next promotion night and Jordan Cornette’s ever-growing ego.

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    Recruiting Luck of the Irish

    In what is fast becoming almost a national holiday for college football fans, today’s National Letter of Intent day brought the Fighting Irish the new members of the class of 2018. Notre Dame analyst (and former player) Alan Pinkett talks about how Brian Kelly and crew fared and how the new arrivals will help advance … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Standing at the Crossroads

    After many months of conjecture and consternation, details regarding the official Building Plan for Notre Dame Stadium, dubbed the Campus Crossroads Project, were released this morning via electronic distribution. Since the major parties are in Rome for the BOT meetings, there isn’t a press conference scheduled to give further details at this point. So we’ll … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Digger Enters Ring of Honor

    Last Sunday, Notre Dame inducted the seventh member of the Basketball Ring of Honor, former coach Richard “Digger” Phelps. Phelps, the second-winningest coach in the modern era at ND, took the Irish to their only NCAA tournament Final Four. The ACC Digital Network made Digger’s induction one of their “must-see moments” of the week.

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