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  • Closing the ‘Bama Gap

    This may be Brian Kelly’s best class at Notre Dame. That may not be good enough.  Notre Dame was likely the second best team in the country last year, but second may as well have been 10th given the evident gap the country saw on January 7th.  As good as this year was relative to … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Irish Celebrate Recruiting Success

    Notre Dame closed out its recruiting efforts for the Class of 2017 on Wednesday with the signing of highly regarded defensive lineman Eddie Vanderdoes from Placer, California. The 24th and final member of the group added an exclamation point to what is projected to be the best collection of Irish immigrants since 1990. This balanced … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Wonder, Think and Know: Blue Demons Edition

    Apparently, the late great Mike Royko never said “some things you wonder, some things you think, and some things you just know”. But until I figure out something new to call this column, we’re going to pretend he did.

    This is the first hoops game I’ve been able to see in person this season, which … Full Notre Dame News Story

    The Deadspinning of Manti Te’o

    Deadspinning: “Irresponsible journalists acting on small pieces of a story that they don’t yet fully understand who rush to condemn a person who was put through an emotional wringer over many months, assign him nefarious motives and pontificate about the University that rightly defended him.”

    The victims in the Manti Te’o story were people who … Full Notre Dame News Story