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  • IBG: Trying to See the Forest

    Irish Blogger GatheringAfter a week off, the IBG is back with something short of a vengeance but definitely more than a whimper. The new format seems to be a hit, so rather than asking five … er, three questions to another IBG participant, all of us will answer a single question submitted to the pool. The past … Full Notre Dame News Story

    A Snowy Senior Day Win

    In the last of our guest-lecturer game reviews, Rocketshark follows up on his pre-game assessment of the Cougars’ clash with the Fighting Irish. John Vannie will return to his usual pontifications next week when Notre Dame travels to Stanford.

    At one of the coldest home football games in recent memory, the Fighting Irish of Notre … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Irish Host BYU on Senior Day

    Our BYU preview this week is authored by long time NDNation contributor Joe Stachler, who also is known by the handle Rocketshark. The Irish have made a habit of playing close games this year, and Joe tells us why he sees another nail biter on Saturday as well as which team will emerge victorious.

    Leave … Full Notre Dame News Story

    IBG: More of the Same

    Irish Blogger GatheringThe official word is IBG claims no responsibility for Notre Dame’s poor performance this weekend due to our shakeup of format. That’s good, because God knows there’s plenty of that to go around. Like last week, instead of asking five … er, three questions of one of my fellow bloggers, we each submitted a question … Full Notre Dame News Story