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  • IBG: Anchor The Ship

    Irish Blogger GatheringAvast ye, me hearties. We be sailing in uncharted waters now, with the treasure of a playoff berth a long uncertain voyage off. But ye can be sure the Irish Blogger Gathering will shiver yer timbers properly. Take heed of what my fellow landlubbers in the group asked of me, and follow the map to … Full Notre Dame News Story

    The Anatomy of a Blown Call

    The game is over and the heartbreak has set in as has the anger in NDNation.  And while a loss won’t be reversed, perception will play a large role in the selection of the committee in the first final four of college football.  That committee should be aware that the interference call that cost Notre … Full Notre Dame News Story

    The Thrill is Back

    Last night was a bitter pill for the Irish faithful, and a night’s rest and some prayerful meditation has not made it taste any better. But it has allowed me to find the silver lining.

    As I (because I lack a better word for it) stormed home from the gamewatch last night, I fumed about … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Three Yards and a Cloud of Controversy

    Notre Dame’s heroic attempt at a game-winning drive in the final seconds came up empty when an apparent touchdown by Corey Robinson was negated by offensive pass interference, and the Irish fell by 31-27 to Florida State in a hard fought contest on Saturday night. The Seminoles had staged their own comeback in the second … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Wonder, Think & Know: Nuts and Bolts Edition

    Mike Royko never said, “Some things you wonder, some things you think, and some things you just know.” Bernie Lincicome said that. Regardless, I hope both of them would have said the number of curse words I said in the last couple hours. They’re smart men, and they know what side of the bread the … Full Notre Dame News Story