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  • Clash of the Titans

    (The Rock Report) -When the Irish collide with the Crimson Tide on January 7th, the biggest collisions will happen when Alabama’s irresistible force of an offense line meets Notre Dame’s immovable defensive line. The sheer size of the players beckons to Grantland Rice for a line from the grave.

    Alabama’s offensive line averages 6’4.5 314 … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Irish, Tide Prepare for Showdown

    The participants in this season’s BCS title game took a slightly different approach in scheduling the allotted practice time, but both squads will certainly be ready for the kickoff in Miami on January 7. At that moment, it will have been 44 days since the Irish knocked off USC in Los Angeles, while Alabama will … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Dublin to Dome

    If you’re still looking for a Christmas gift for the little Irish fan in your life, the latest chapter of Clashmore Mike’s odyssey as Notre Dame’s mascot makes a perfect (large) stocking-stuffer. Sitting in “retirement” in his village, the young pup reflects on how he became the mascot of the Fighting Irish, including standing up … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Mooching Off Continuity

    In the middle of a joyous Christmas (and Notre Dame football) season, I got sad news yesterday. An email from a fellow Cavanaugh Hall alumnus told me that Fr. Matt “Mooch” Miceli, our long-time rector and happy curmudgeon, had died peacefully at the age of 89.

    Like Notre Dame football, Mooch tended to be a … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Is the Winning Move Not to Play?

    Lost in the euphoria of Notre Dame’s first opportunity to play for the national championship in two decades is the sobering truth that mighty Alabama of the Southeastern Conference represents the opposition. It is said that the battle-tested Crimson Tide could hold their own in the NFL, so the Irish might want to show up … Full Notre Dame News Story