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  • 2013 NDNation Probability Poll Results

    (Notre Dame Football News | The Rock Report) – For the 7th year the NDNation Probability Poll is in and 2013 checks in at just slightly more optimistic than 2012, which was far more pessimistic than 2011.  It looks like NDNation is putting more stock in the BCS national championship beat down and the loss … Full Notre Dame News Story

    The NDNation Probability Poll for 2013

    (Notre Dame Football News | The Rock Report) – The 7th  NDNation Probability Poll is underway.  In theory, the probability concept puts a little more thought around predictions than just “ND is favored over X!” We ask every fan to estimate the probability of the Irish winning each game and use that to calculate expectations. … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Irish Preseason Primer

    It’s the time of year when every college football publication provides team summaries and predictions for the upcoming season. Some are informed and insightful but most barely scratch the surface. If I were to write one of these blurbs for Notre Dame, I would try to include a few details on the new faces for … Full Notre Dame News Story

    IBG: Off-Season With a Vengeance

    Irish Blogger GatheringIt’s never truly the off-season in the Irish electronic ether, and the off-season edition of the Irish Blogger Gathering is upon us. This time around, I got to ask the five … er, three questions to the grand poobah himself, Josh over at Subway Domer, whose answers appear below. My queries came courtesy of Bayou … Full Notre Dame News Story

    If You Were a Tree….

    The everyday users of NDNation probably wouldn’t recognize the name Susan McGonigal. And frankly, that would be just the way Susan would want it.

    Susan was the quintessential “woman behind the curtain”. She worked in the Notre Dame Media Relations office, and chances are if you were a member of the Fourth Estate and had … Full Notre Dame News Story