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  • Wonder, Think and Know: Football Four Edition

    I don’t think Mike Royko ever commented on Notre Dame’s academic integrity.  He certainly never said “Some things you wonder, some things you think, and some things you just know”, particularly outside of any sports seasons.  But the current situation with Notre Dame’s investigation of academic misconduct by students, including four football players, demands I … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Summer Stock: Defense

    What do a former walk-on, a former wide receiver, a former safety, a linebacker whose leg was shattered “like a jigsaw puzzle” and another linebacker with an ACL tear all have in common?  They’re all vying for a starting position on the Notre Dame linebacking corps in 2014.  That M*A*S*H/Bad News Bears unit playing behind … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Summer Stock: Offense

    After four years of meager offensive production (26, 29, 25, 27 ppg), Kelly enters year 5 with few excuses. This year Kelly has a seasoned and talented QB, a wide receiving corps that runs 2-deep, a senior and highly recruited tight end, a talented, if young, offensive line, field turf on the ground and Kelly … Full Notre Dame News Story

    The Benefits of Technology

    I probably bag on “technological advancements” and ND’s use of them a lot. Granted, that’s because ND tends not to use them in a quality manner. But never let it be said I’m not willing to consider some of the positive things technology can do for the ND game experience.

    One of the issues I … Full Notre Dame News Story

    My Stop’s Coming Up

    Slowly but surely, the new FieldTurf is being laid at Notre Dame Stadium. As the pictures inexorably wend their way through various social media outlets, one can see how the structure of the new field will look.

    I know there are those upset about the turf, and I confess a preference for grass myself. But … Full Notre Dame News Story