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  • Collecting the Irish

    A few weeks ago, we here at NDN were contacted by J. R. Wainwright, long-time sports illustrator and Notre Dame fan. Over the years, Mr. Wainwright has cultivated an extensive collection of Notre Dame-related art and memorabilia, including his own work depicting all our Heisman Trophy winners, all-American players, and famous coaches. The illustrations on … Full Notre Dame News Story

    A Closer Look at the 2012 Offense

    (Notre Dame Football News | The Rock Report) – Notre Dame’s offense in 2012 will have a different look and a lot of looks if you listen to coaches Kelly and Martin.  Likely starting quarterback Everett Golson is a passing and running threat and he mentioned that if teams “drop 8” in coverage against ND … Full Notre Dame News Story

    2012 NDN Probability Poll

    (Notre Dame Football News | The Rock Report) – The 6th annual NDNation Probability Poll is underway.  Last year was the first time fans got it right.  Playing out the probabilities led to a group prediction of 8.6 wins during the season. This year’s poll is below:

     … Full Notre Dame News Story

    The Grass is Always … Something

    Well, we all knew it was coming. And now, according to the South Bend Trib, it’s on the schedule — the natural grass surface at Notre Dame Stadium will be replaced by Field Turf.

    Let me make something clear from the get-go: The turf in Notre Dame Stadium is not a hot-button issue for me. … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Hanging Out with Jack

    As you may have guessed if you’ve read NDN’s front page at all the past couple weeks, earlier this evening, Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick sat down with six folks from various ND-related electronic communities, one of whom was yours truly. For an hour, Jack responded to our questions, follow-ups, and in general shared … Full Notre Dame News Story