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  • No Ordinary Evening

    As you may remember, Declan is the Notre Dame student tragically killed in an accident last year while filming the football team. Declan’s family created the Declan Drumm Sullivan Memorial Fund to honor Declan’s life and allow his spirit to thrive. On Saturday, April 28th they are holding an inaugural benefit at Navy Pier’s Grand … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Time for Point C

    Back at Thanksgiving, with the Irish slogging through the non-conference slate and Tim Abromaitis secured on the bench with a wrecked knee, I would have bet a couple multiples of my mortgage my NCAA bracket wouldn’t include the words “Notre Dame”.  In fact, I gave at least a couple minutes thought to how running a … Full Notre Dame News Story

    The Social Network

    A few years back, a high school football player made an official visit to Notre Dame during his senior year.  He participated in all the usual events, met with various coaches, saw the campus inside and out.  He departed campus at the end still a candidate for a Notre Dame scholarship.

    His father accompanied the … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Always Dominant

    When the Ring of Honor was first implemented, fans may have had varying lists of who they’d like to see in it.  But those lists varied only after the first two names — Austin Carr and Adrian Dantley.  Friday night at Purcell Pavilion, those two “reserved slots” will be filled, as A.D. takes his place … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Cooley Controls the Boards as ND Upsets #1 Syracuse

    (The Rock Report | Notre Dame Basketball) – Notre Dame is always dangerous at the JACC, but when undefeated Syracuse came into South Bend minus Fab Melo, their leading shot-blocker and rebounder, Jack Cooley sensed blood.  “I was confused why no one told me, of all people, that Melo wasn’t playing,” Cooley said. “Then, I … Full Notre Dame News Story