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  • Kelly, Big-chunk Runs and The Marshall Plan

    (The Rock Report | Notre Dame Football News) – There has been a heavy pre-season focus on the running game at Notre Dame in 2011, but to Kelly the run has always been his ultimate focus. In an article written for peers in, Kelly said his scheme, even with a passing emphasis, is … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Results from the 2011 NDN Probability Poll

    (Notre Dame Football News | The Rock Report) – For the 5th year the NDNation Probability Poll is in… and while 7,000 fans can be and usually are wrong, this year early analysis shows that fans actually have the same expectations as some of the hardened veterans at NDNation. Last year the optimistic boundary called … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Coach Kelly Fall Camp Preview Transcript

    COACH KELLY: Thanks for being here today. We get an opportunity to talk about our football team, which we haven’t been able to do that since we finished up with a bowl victory against Miami. It would be for me an opportunity to give you kind of an update on where we are. Certainly if … Full Notre Dame News Story