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  • Comparing Coaches – Reprise

    (Notre Dame Football News | The Rock Report) – As mentioned in part one, don’t go betting your lunch money on Kelly’s success based on what follows.  Instead, think of this exercise as akin to a blood pressure check, meaning passing simply shows there are no obvious signs of ill-health.  Remember that Weis and Willingham … Full Notre Dame News Story

    A Season Rescued

    Notre Dame, behind a poised freshman quarterback and armed with excellent game plans on both sides of the ball, completed the 2010 season with one of the most improbable winning streaks in its modern history by defeating Miami 33-17 in the Sun Bowl.

    The Irish, justifiably left for dead after suffering an injury to starting … Full Notre Dame News Story

    “Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot . . .”

    A two-decades-dormant rivalry renews itself in the 2010 Sun Bowl. Those who complain about the lack of a true college football playoff forget that in the late 1980’s there was a playoff of sorts. It was the Notre Dame-Miami game.

    In 1988, defending national champion and top ranked Miami rode a 16-game winning streak heading … Full Notre Dame News Story

    “Speed Freak” and Kelly’s Offensive Vision

    (Notre Dame Football News | The Rock Report) – The New York Times recently ran an in-depth look on what it termed Oregon’s “Speed Freak” offense.  Chip Kelly’s offensive vision described within is helpful in understanding Brian Kelly’s offensive vision and what you can expect from Notre Dame in the future.

    I’ve seen more than … Full Notre Dame News Story

    A Third Life

    If you're looking for a Christmas gift for that ND fan on your list, El K has a fascinating read on the man who has captured a lot of ND life in art.