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Height:  5 foot nothin' Weight:  100 nothin' lbs. Alumni Status:  2001
Location:  Earth, Milky Way Galaxy Favorite Baseball Team:  Minnesota Twins
Natural Enemies:  Every Irish opponent, terrorists, bad drivers

Athletic Ability: Active soccer player, decent downhill skier, terrible golfer, in general a fitness-conscious person

Sartorial Style: Nothing looks better than a good pair of jeans and a solid-colored tee shirt

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: Beer, booze, and wine - I like it all

Political Philosophy: Middle of the road - I think about issues rather than party lines.

Religious Philosophy:

Musical Favorites: Rock & roll, jazz, classical, blue grass, some rap - but no country

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: I don't really like quotes.

Miscellaneous Data: