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Height:  5-11 Weight:  Tackle size circa 50's lbs. Alumni Status:  Subway Alum
Location:  South Favorite Baseball Team:  Cardinals
Natural Enemies:  Don't have known enemies but outspokedness has some wanting to kill me.

Athletic Ability: All in the past, tried everything. Swimming was the worst;wonder I didn't drown. JacksDaddy would have liked that. Terrible at golf. Could fling and kick a football well enough for college but lack of speed would have killed me at other positions. Could shoot the basketball with the best, except in a game when I would freeze up.

Sartorial Style: What ever feels good, definitely not bluejeans. Haggar slacks & Knit shirts. ND paraphenalia.

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: Milk shake(Cherry) Rarely,look at my height and weight and you'll know why.

Political Philosophy:

Very conservative. Thought budget should have been balanced years before most did. Appeasers are disliked. Ultra-liberals offend me. Want a president who can communicate and has morals but doubt if I'll ever see that. Lobbyists should be outlawed or constantly investigated. Hate abortionists, homosexual activists. Think Tobacco companies should be closed down. Distrust all campaign promises. Unlike Will Rogers I have met people I didn't like. Grand-standers on the political scene are nauseous. So are opportunists. You might say if a politician is alligned to a party that I probably won't like him.

I'm not a socialist or pinko commie,so the Obama administration is driving me nuts. I now wonder if we aren't descending to irrelevancy as a nation due to Obama turning everything upside down(Comments made early in Obama's presidency-things will only get worse so I've been generous with his rating).

Religious Philosophy: Believe in God. Raised a Baptist but married Catholic girl. Been to Presbyterian churches. Friend of a Mormon. Love christain's regardless of denomination.

Musical Favorites: Rodgers and Hammerstein were my favorite until I discovered Stephen Sondheim(don't like his personal life.) Always loved smoothies like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin. Frankie Laine was a favorite as was Rosemary Clooney. As you can tell, anything of recent vintage(recent being about 40 years) is generally attrocious.

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: "We're goin' inside and outside and we're gonna get them on the run and when we do, we're gonna keep them on the run. Look for the ball and when you do go and get it. Today's the day we're gonna win. They say these fellows are pretty good but I think we're better.

Laugh often about things Lou Holtz said over the years so his non-football related sayings are among the funniest quips I've seen, almost as good(or perhaps better)than what the comedians have said.

Miscellaneous Data: Don't want a funeral(certainly not now) but I have a billion poems I have composed for my tombstone and hope one of them is funny as those Arizona criminals left for us to read. A simple "he loved God, ND and his country might suffice.