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Height:  5'11 Weight:  170 lbs. Alumni Status:  Class of 1995
Location:  Hood River, OR Favorite Baseball Team:  soccer is spelled wrong: Portland Timbers
Natural Enemies:  strip mall suburbia

Athletic Ability: Aging gracefully into rock climbing and stand up paddle boarding.

Sartorial Style: As an engineer, I need to be graded on the curve.

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: Cold gin frequently enough that I can distinguish by taste among the 8 or so brands at our favorite night spot. For a change of pace, I go with Hemmingway's favorite Death in the Afternoon.

Political Philosophy: Liberal. A good idea will persist because it is still a good idea. You should not have to expend effort conserving a good idea.

Religious Philosophy: I believe in the detachment of Buddhism and I believe in having a big party with bonfires every six weeks like the pagan Celts. The two thoughts are combined nicely in the Potlach traditions of the Native American tribes of the Pacific Northwest.

Musical Favorites: I've finally turned exclusively to our local music scene: Tony Smiley, Mosely Wotta, McDougall, Sunderland and Manimal House.

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: "Oh lads, get over the ball and run it again." Leahy

Miscellaneous Data: "You're so occupied with what other persons are occupied with, and vice versa, that you've become, what you thought was dumb, a fraction of the sum." - Built to Spill