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140 Chances to Make a Difference

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A couple weeks back, I wrote about Darrell “Flash” Gordon and his efforts at Wernle Youth & Family Treatment Center.  Wernle has been Flash’s passion for coming up on 20 years now, and he’s focused that passion into helping a lot of neglected kids and their families.

Now you have a chance to help Flash in his efforts.  140 chances, to be precise.

Wernle is celebrating their 140th year, and part of that celebration is their new campaign called the 140 Club.  They’re hoping to get 200 young people, age 40 or younger, to donate $140 by the end of 2018.  Since Wernle’s mission is to support youth, they see it as a great opportunity to get young people involved in philanthropy.  More info can be found at the flyer linked here.

Obviously our demographic doesn’t necessarily skew that way.  But it’s still an opportunity to help Flash deliver to these kids the stability and structure in their lives they so desperately need.

As the holidays approach and thoughts turn to charity, send some of those thoughts Wernle’s way.  You can donate online via the Wernle website or through their Facebook page.

I did, won’t you?

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