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  • Goodbye George

    by Mike Coffey

    NDN regulars may remember the name George Porter-Young. Last April, an article in the Observer talked about his battle with bone cancer and the fact that he hadn’t been home to England in 42 years.

    A number of posters on the site participated in a funding drive to allow George one final visit with his family, as his myelodysplastic syndrome was considered terminal. Thanks to their generosity, George was able to travel to England and say goodbye to the family he hadn’t seen in so long.

    I was told today that George died a couple of weeks ago. Before his death, he asked that the people who made his trip possible be told how grateful he was and how much of a load off his mind it was that he had been able to do it.

    NDNation makes me crazy sometimes, and I ask myself why I do this. Then I remember things like this we’ve been able to do because of the high-quality people we have reading and posting. My thanks to all of you who helped make George’s dream come true. You’re part of what makes Notre Dame great.

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