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  • Don’t Forget — Ask Jack on Tuesday

    by Mike Coffey

    The Google Hangout where NDN will be one of six interviewers who will ask Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick a question will be Tuesday, July 31st, at 7:30pm ET. You can watch the Hangout by clicking here, and it will be available on YouTube afterwards (link to follow).

    2 Responses to “Don’t Forget — Ask Jack on Tuesday”

    1. Hopefully ND will stop playing piped-in music. With America’s 1st university band wondering why it’s not playing all the different ND songs. It’s become a rock concert with football, instead of a football game with great ND songs. Notre Dame Stadium has become a NFL game atmoshere! Will ND stop with this horrible nonsense?

    2. StandingDomer says:

      One of the most disappointing aspects of the drive back from Ann Arbor last September was the realization that the atmosphere at Notre Dame was in need of a major overhaul. That night tied my experiences at Fenway and Yankee Stadium in October. maybe even better. My wife and I had pretty great seats, similar to the ones we get for ND, and EVERYone (even the old-timers) was standing. the entire game. reminded me of my beloved days in the student section at ND. when people tired of standing, they sat quietly and peered between shoulders to watch the action. I for one enjoyed Jack’s efforts to recreate this setting later in the season against SC. yes, ‘crazy train’ every 3rd down is a mistake (but keep the white stripes, drop kicks & gnr). but i’m tired of being heckled by my fellow ‘fans’ to sit down before big plays.

      please ask Jack if we can start ticking off a ‘free to stand’ box on our ticket application. i’ll gladly sit in the top row of the stadium with like minded fans.