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  • Gathering of Champions

    by Mike Coffey

    As we stand on the cusp of the 125th season of Notre Dame football, we’re a little over a month before the 1988 national champions gather to remember the biggest victory of that championship season. You have a chance to share in those memories with them … along with, possibly, a special guest.

    On October 4th at 8pm at Joe’s on Weed, you can join the players from that great team for food and festivities, with the 31-30 ND victory in 1988 playing in the background. Patrick Elwood will be our master of ceremonies, and along the way we’ll be raising money for St. Baldrick’s. If you’re coming out to Chicago on Thursday, you’ve got a ready-made fun time waiting for you.

    Tickets are $20 and are now on sale at the STP Sports site.

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    7 Responses to “Gathering of Champions”

    1. Fred Leahy says:

      Thanks Mike.
      i’m going to order 6 for sure

    2. BUDDY WHITTAKER says:

      The day of the win over Miami I was at my sister’s house in Charlotte NC. My brother and mother were also there. When Miami was going for 2 and the win I ran out of the house into the yard. My mother followed me into the yard. My brother came flying out with the reuslt and we celebrated. He then called me a whimp. At the beginning of the season I had called inoformation and got Lou Holtz’s home phone number. About 2 hours later my brother called the number and Mrs. Holtz answered and passed the phone to Lou and they talked a bit. Lou then talked about a Lance Johnson, a recruit from Charlotte. Lous was very nice and “relaxed’ according to my brother.

    3. John Ross says:

      I’d love to attend and to stick my foot so far up your ass Coffey that you would never pull it out. You never once criticized Weis like you are Kelly for kids getting in trouble. You should be ashamed of yourself you dumb son of a bitch.

      • Mike Coffey says:

        If your position is I was somehow in the tank for Charlie Weis, you’re talking to the wrong guy. I criticized Charlie Weis plenty.

    4. Fred Leahy says:

      It will be my honor to have a beer with you.
      You are a great guy and you played in the Band…my favorite aspect of ND
      You also run a pretty good site.

    5. That game, and the michgan games were a unreal. a true return to glory