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  • Want to Punch Andy in the Nose?

    by Mike Coffey

    Well, I’m sorry to say you can’t.  At least you can’t at this event, because he won’t be there.  But I will be, and while I won’t promise access to my nose, I’m all about answering questions about the site and all kinds of other stuff.

    This Thursday, September 20th, from 7:15 to 8:45am, the Notre Dame Club of Chicago will host a Networking (coffee and donuts) Breakfast at St. Peter’s In the Loop, 110 West Madison Street. These breakfasts are a good opportunity to meet ND folks in a business setting, where you can talk about what you do and for whom you do it, possibly realizing some mutually beneficial relationships along the way. I’ll be one of the hosts, along with a couple other alums, so you can hear about what an emotionally uplifting experience it is to run this electronic Romper Room.

    You can find more information and sign up by clicking this link.

    One Response to “Want to Punch Andy in the Nose?”

    1. The_Phoenix says:

      These are excellent events for alumni and friends of all stripes. If you go, please bring $5 for donation to St. Peter’s Church. Hope to see you there!