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  • 3 Responses to “Hanging Out with Jack”

    1. Google Hangouts = Fail.

      (From an execution standpoint. Mic levels, keyboard presses/background noise are on individuals. But connectivity issues are up to each? What a bloody mess this hangout is.)


    2. lol. May need some more testing with this Google+. Has potential though. Lucky to have Jack. Like the fact he’s willing to take risks. Wether it’s music in stadium, traveling all over, uniform changes, not scheduling cupcakes, etc. I’ve heard numerous people say they give props to ND for playing top notch opponents every week.

    3. I really enjoyed this Hanging Out online and look forward this becoming a recurring ritual. (Audio problems were minimal and just a minor annoyance.) Kudos to Jack Swarbrick for not being condescending nor “talking down” to our panelists who represent a broad range of ages and experience and for taking the time out of his busy schedule. I feel a real connection now with the entire Athletic Department. Heck, since Moose, I don’t remember what the previous ADs’ voices sounded like. And, thanks to your panelists – it’s great to finally put a voice and face to the many names reporting on their respective web sites. GO IRISH !!