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  • Payin’ No Rent

    by Mike Coffey

    One of my responsibilities here at NDN is to do the headline links you see on the front page and the side of the message boards. I cycle through the usual suspects of blogs, websites and news outlets providing coverage of the various ND sports and copy the links to their articles to the applicable section of our site. As the teams move through their schedules, I update the files for game results and make sure the links to the opponent’s sites are up to date.

    A couple years ago, I started including links to articles from our opponents’ media outlets in the headlines so ND fans could get a feel for what the other half was thinking. Over time, I’ve noticed some trends. The Michigan schools have heavy coverage, so those weeks take longer to link. I’m not sure anyone outside of Palo Alto gives a damn about Stanford, because that week is usually light.

    But I’ve never seen a week like this.

    Top 10 reasons to hate ND?

    ND not deserving of BCS spot?

    Why Sooner fans hate ND?

    And that’s just the high-octane stuff. We also have the blasphemy of selling tickets, OU as no big deal to ND, and the efforts to point out a former ND player and a former ND coach now rooting for the Sooners. Some of them still have butthurt over a game played 55 years ago. Even famous roidian Brian Bosworth has to throw his two cents in (though I imagine he’ll need them back).

    And lest we think it’s just the Fourth Estate on the plains getting bunched up, one must note Stacy McGee’s miraculous reinstatement just in time to face the Fighting Irish. Their president even saw fit to beg OU fans not to be tools.

    All this for two teams that have played nine times in 125 years?

    Irish fans, if you’ve been hearing an echoey sound lately, that’s because we’ve taken up residence inside the Sooners’ heads. And we ain’t payin’ no rent.

    8 Responses to “Payin’ No Rent”

    1. You know, I understand hanging on to history. I think it’s acceptable for ND folks to resent Michigan because of Fielding Yost. I think it’s OK for Irishmen to look suspiciously at the English or for Poles and Russians to get along poorly.

      But if you’re going to hold a grudge, have it be for something untoward: boycotts, plunder, dirty play. The attitude from Norman appears to be that since they won 47 games in a row, that whoever they played had a sacred duty to lose. The idea that one might harbor some smouldering hatred for half a century over an entirely ordinary game of football is, frankly, somewhat absurd.

    2. Jeff Walker says:

      Very Nice summary of this unique angle relative to this weeks opponent, Coff. Very good job, with excellent last 2 sentences. I also really enjoyed a link post you had earlier this week, relative to nice little film clips of the 1957(?) ND v. Ok game, in which the severe dearth of any thought of kicking field goals was quite strange.

    3. Subway Alunmi Station says:

      There is such a thing as over-hype, drinking too much of the wrong kool-aide and getting caught up in feeding frenzy. You are right on, the yellow journalism and beating of hate tom-toms have reached a fever pitch in Norman. I think that is a good thing for our lads if the OU Team buys into all that crap. The McGee resurrection is indeed a miracle, something more in line with Kiffen than Stoops.

    4. “Though I imagine he’ll need (his 2 cents) back” was very clever. Nicely done.

    5. Cool Breeze says:

      It can’t be worse than the Ohio State loss to the Irish in 1935, 77 years ago. This was for most Buckeye fans the worst loss in the history of OSU football and the Irish were hated. Down through the years years, before other game scores were posted on the OSU scoreboard, a huge cheer would erupt in Buckeye Stadium when the ND score was announced over the PA system and the Irish were losing. We all know the animosity of OSU towards ND, and it all started with that game.

    6. The Piper says:

      I’ve been calling for an OU win all week. But this does have the interesting whiff of the USC v ND game from last year….except we’re the visitor, and they’re the ones turning this into the Super Bowl.

      We just need our guys to listen to Herb Brooks’ lead on this one as the clock ticks down. “Stay focused. Play your game. Play your game.” All this other crap is noise. Just like it was for first 106 yrs of ND teams.

    7. Line up and play the game.If Kelly and the offense are for real this year ….make it happen at Ok. Defense will be there without a doubt. Secondary has not been tested because of extreme D in the trenches and LB play…corners and safties will be tested again in our soft spots there. If we have all the goods to win it will show. Stanford was a great win and I was there for it ….but to think BK and the Irish offense can come out and dominate with the run and vanilla offensive sets is a recipe for a loss. Hoping EG has been coached up this week to become the run threat and first or third down hero.
      WE have the talent. Lets make it happen BK…no more Purdue or BYU by attrition.

    8. We. Will. Win.