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  • You’ll Never Beat the Irish

    by Mike Coffey

    Notre Dame’s appearance in the BCS title game is getting responses from places both likely and unlikely. The Irish folk group The Wolfe Tones are the latest to send their good wishes South Bend way with an updated version of their hit “You’ll Never Beat the Irish”. With lyrics aimed at Notre Dame and its strong football history, Brian Warfield & company have a new entry for your tailgater playlist.

    The video appears below, and the song is available on

    12 Responses to “You’ll Never Beat the Irish”

    1. Awesome! Go Irish!

    2. ElkhartIrish says:

      Whoever named the team the “Fighting Irish” was a genius. My father-in-law, God rest his soul, was the embodiment of that name. He could cry when one of his cattle was injured, but don’t get in his way when his “Irish” was up. And you could actually see his eyes dance when he heard a jig. That being said, I hope the team has its “Irish” up when they play in Miami. They are in good hands with Coach Kelly. Go Irish!!!!

    3. Rontdtarchala says:

      Always proud of my Fighting Irish!!! look forward to watching them roll over the tide

    4. I have been an Irish fan for 78yrs, since 5yrs and this is history being made! Love the song,
      The IRISH with Coach Kelly will make us PROUD! Can’t wait! Will be ready with my Irish rosary!

    5. nice. Go Irish.

    6. Made me cry ! Go IRISH !

    7. I’ll cry if they get run like this K state. Leave in the third quarter if you wanna play like that. I don’t wanna see the other coach giving a coy smirk at the end of game. Show up, Irish. Fight.

    8. Hats off to the Wolfe Tones on this video of great lyrics and history of our beloved Fighting Irish of Notre Dame! All loyal sons and daughters will be cheering the Irish onward to victory Monday night. And theres a magic in the sound of their name, Here Come the IRISH of NOTRE DAME! GO IRISH!

    9. IrishDoug says:

      Loe the song and vide! GO IRISH!!!!!! We got this one!

    10. Its time to roll over the Tide with this song! Go Irish!!

    11. Hootie169 says:

      Song say’s it all…..LOVE MY IRISH!!!