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  • Wonder, Think and Know: Vanilla Ice Edition

    by Mike Coffey

    As the late great Mike Royko once said, some things you wonder, some things you think, and some things you just know. And after a couple days in South Beach, I wonder if I’m going to get “Beachfront Avenue!” out of my head any time soon.

    If this game showed us anything, it’s the importance of good line play. Notre Dame rode excellent performances by its defensive line to the championship game, but couldn’t get the 13th one. Recruiting and coaching can solve that problem.

    I don’t know who does the logistics planning for Sun Life Stadium, but the port-o-potty subcommittee should be canned. Scattering single units all over the stadium is not a winning combination. They needed at least twice the number of johns they had.

    I also believe the port-o-potty subcommittee helped out with the traffic control plan. Getting into the stadium eight hours before kickoff should not have been such an adventure, and nor should it have been necessary for us to sit in our car without moving for 30 minutes trying to get out.

    It’s always been my philosophy that fans you meet at bowl games, whether friendly or adversary, tend to be from the upper strata of the fanbase. This game did nothing to convince me I’m incorrect. I could count the number of dickbag Tide fans on one hand, and had a number of friendly exchanges. That said, the group who accosted my sister and her friend for the crime of walking through the parking lot during halftime can eat a big bag of dicks.

    I come away from South Beach with the same feeling I got visiting Hollywood … I’m glad I can say I did it, but if I’m never there again, it won’t break me up all that much. Then again, I’m way too high on the age scale and low on the attractiveness index to succeed in that environment anyway.

    Not much else to say. A great season and trip marred by an awful couple of hours. Bright lights, big city. Let’s be more ready for it next time.

    52 Responses to “Wonder, Think and Know: Vanilla Ice Edition”

    1. There were bathrooms near the stadium that had no line. That’s why they didn’t have as many port o potties.

      • Mike Coffey says:

        They did a poor job indicating that to the people in the lots. I didn’t see any signage.

    2. sam gerardi says:

      Thanks for mentioning – COACHING!!!! Dama played aan incredibly perfect game – execution was like I have never seen on the college level since my direct involvement since 1948… Kelly will never be a Saban on three real accounts: Academics – screwing around the 85 scholarship limits** – and managing the game! Why in hell uis thye head coach whispering to a play chart instead of managing the game… I salute the young men who played so well. The QB is the most underrated player in football and before the game I told constituents that if they did not “hurt” the two running backs, it would be a blow out. They were given holes – however – this was the worst tackling that I have seen from ND. There is an investigation underway!!!! Seems that NASA Huntsville, AL has a contract with Saban to test a new lubicant – that when applied to clothing, makes it impossible to hold with finger tips! Likie Vince Lombardi always screamed GRAB GRAB GRAB what is wrong with shoulder tackling? Then again, proper tackling angles is a must. thanks Dr. Gerardi aka hs

    3. A bunch of brats with kraut, lots of beer, and not enough crappers, very bad combination.

    4. Add the program subcommittee to this to be canned list. No programs left 4 hours before gametime out side of the stadium. Every shop I visited 1 hour before the game (including club level) had no programs either. Between programs and the portapotties, seems like someone missed a couple of basic math classes in grade school.

    5. Good point about programs … since everything else was overpriced ( eg Bud Light @ $ 9 in a paid admission “Bud LIght Game Day Experience”) , they coulda probably sold ~100,000 programs at
      $ 15/each. I never even saw anyone holding a program, let alone one for sale !
      Nice planning Bowl; Committee….
      Leprechaun Hoop

    6. kelly to eagles? wtf. coaches are scum. lets hope swarbrick has a plan B.

    7. ND Chicago says:

      So the architect of one of the biggest embarrassments in ND football history (on Monday night) has allegedly interviewed for the Eagles head coaching position. I can’t believe an NFL team would even be interested in hiring this guy. Putrid offense from a supposed offensive genius and after 3 years the atrocious punt return team has gotten worse. Forty four days to prepare and the team played its worst game in the biggest game. If this is a ploy to get a raise or extension Swarbrick was on record as saying he wanted to give him both before the game. So if it’s not about money, then he must have been lying when he said he was happy at ND and was looking forward to building a championship team. It also means he’s been lying to recruits and most likely the ND administration. Wow, what a scumbag move. Regardless of whether the Eagles hire him or not, this guy needs to leave ND because he can’t be trusted and if he can’t be trusted he can’t lead student athletes at ND. I wouldn’t let my son play for a guy who pulled a move like this and I bet there are verbal commits right now whose parents (as well as the recruits themselves) are saying/thinking the same thing. And that’s a real shame because right now that group is #1 in the country, but this guy is not what ND is all about and he needs to go. He was using ND to get a better job and obviously doesn’t want to be here. He not only got a lesson in coaching from Nick Saban, he may very well be the only coach in the country to make Saban look like a sympathetic figure after this move. This isn’t how people with the privilege of representing ND operate. Good riddance.

      • BK has brought the team forward in year 3. We dropped the ball on Urban Meyer and Barry Alvarez. They both would have made the jump to an ND team ready to challenge for the NC . Ohio State would have clean our clocks in a NC, ….Alabama did. BK is not the man for the job at
        ND….let him go to the pros…ask the players…ND has so many ready to take over..Diaco is the first

      • Kevin Welsh says:

        One more emotional reaction made, before the facts are in, by a squemish fan after the #3 team in the nation lost its only game of the season, a record matched or beaten by only 3 of the remaining 117 teams among the BCS schools. We now know Brian Kelly will continue to coach at Notre Dame, that the recruiting will continue to take place a level that has them ranked at the top 5 or 10 consistently and most likely will have success at the highest level commensurate with the best in 18 year performance that was the 2012 grid season. The Eagles wanted to hire him. He heard them out and turned down their offer which would have at least matched and probably been more than the $4 million per year Swarbick will come across with. The other concesssions Kelly will seek out of the ND Administration will be increased pay for Assistant Coaches so they will not turn over and so success won’t have to be re-created and further upgrades to athletic facilities, hardly the type of moves worthy of your vitriolic “scumbag” designation. Just do the rest of a favor ND Chicago: just let the people who brought us the joy of this season continue to build the program and keep your negativity to yourself

        • Mike Coffey says:

          Well, he didn’t receive an offer from the Eagles, and (most likely) did his return act because the Eagles weren’t going to submit an offer on a timetable that worked for him.

        • ND Chicago says:

          I’m not sure I’m following what you’re saying. Swarbrick told Kelly at the end of the season he was going to get a raise/extension and they also meet after every season to discuss what Kelly/the program need (facilities, assistant pay, etc.). Kelly interviewing with the Eagles didn’t accomplish anything other than stroking his own ego and costing ND a 5 star recruit. Most people don’t have a problem with him interviewing; it’s the low brow manner in which he went about it. You don’t have a problem with how he handled it, but based on most of the posts here (and elsewhere), you’re in the minority. As for all the other things you think Kelly will do in the future (great recruiting classes, in the top 5-10 consistently) we’ll see how it plays out. I hope you’re right, but Kelly himself said ND football will only be “back” when they win consistently over a period of years. What he pulled this last week didn’t help the program accomplish any of those things, it didn’t help anyone but himself. He’ll be around until his next “dream job” opens up and if that coincides with the consistent winner he’s trying to build that’s fine with him. I’m comfortable that I’ve seen enough of his character, or lack thereof, in how he handled this situation to say he’s not a good guy. You obviously feel differently. We’ll have to agree to disagree. I’m paraphrasing, but “For those who get it, no explanation is necessary and for those who don’t no explanation will suffice”.

    8. I would reserve judgement on the interview till the process runs its course. Admittedly, I am kind of pissed to read that he interviewed, but it might have been nothing more than a learning experience. I would like to think a person would desire to be Coach-for-life, but we all know that even the great coaches are sometimes replaced. Hopefully, he just wanted to check it out. I am certain many of you receive exploratory feelers from head hunters. Perhaps it was nothing more than a fact finding meeting.

      He does have an odd knack for making it hard on himself…

      • BK
        Is looking for his first step up to the NFL. Cleveland would be be great..they deserve each other…

      • KCDomer
        Your comments:
        I would reserve judgement on the interview till the process runs its course. Admittedly, I am kind of pissed to read that he interviewed, but it might have been nothing more than a learning experience. I would like to think a person would desire to be Coach-for-life, but we all know that even the great coaches are sometimes replaced.

        Enter now the University of Notre Dame, trying to compete on a national level for the BCS championship. BK is completely aware of what needs done to get football to that level. Problem is are we ready to submit as a school to the things needed to be a “football factory”? Things have changed a whole lot on campus since he has been here…all for the effort to bring ND football back to relevance.

        Players now live off campus for the most part and head coaches now bargain for contract reworks as the season results become better. The college football biz has come to South Bend and BK has interviewed with the NFL for leverage to tap into that cash cow. The question is do we want to become, as a university, an Alabama or Ohio State or Oregon for football’s sake?

        Times have changed since the years of Knute and coach P. and Lou. I think we would better be served as ND fans to realize what is most important in our school and make a very well thought out decision on what makes ND such a special place. College Football has become something way removed from a part of college life. It is a seperate business entity these days. Alumni and fans of the Irish need to decide if the priorities include a winning/championship football team at the top of the wish list.

        As a parent of a student at ND and a devout Irish football fan, I can tell you I have no room left for a coach “fact finding” for a better job or for leverage on a current contract.

        • Coach Rockne used leaving as leverage for more $$$ many times, coach Kelly is using the legend’s move here, that’s all

          • Zac
            Point taken ….but Coach Rockne held classes at ND back in the day and had no high priced agent to renegotiate any contract. Knute for sure was a business man, but in no way did that effect his effort for the impact he had on the school. I am sure if Kelly was part of the teaching staff at ND right now…his agent would put that on the bargaining table. New times…sad times …when we compare coaches bag then to the the biz/coaches of today.

    9. Welcome back to big time college football. Comes with the territory.
      I guess Kelly is this year’s 6-Star recruit.

    10. Kcdomer,
      I agree with you 100%. Lets not rush to judgement til we know the reality.

      1. This is the toughest job in college football. If it were not, the best of modern day coaches would be lining up for it.

      2. Just came off of a humiliating loss after a season that brought so much hope back to the program. That being said, there were many times we could have lost a game this year that would have put us in a different game than where we wanted to be. Purdue, Michigan, Stanford, byu, Pitt (by the grace of god) and even usc all had very good chances of beating us. Stanford is the only team out of them all that I could think would have a chance to either keeping Bama under 42 pts or scoring more than 14, but regardless, they still would have lost.

      3. As kc said, what’s wrong with educating oneself with an interview? Learning experience, testing the waters, or simply proving to his recruits that he is desired to lead at the next level, the fact is every move he makes is under the spotlight and subject to criticism.

      I’ll hold my judgement til the dust settles. Since the last championship in 88, this is the closest we have come to what we all want and the future is indeed bright. Losing coach Kelly would indeed be a loss, but lets give some respect to the man that got us here.

      Finally, a win or a closer game at the least, would have quieted the complaints about the port-o-pottys and programs. I sat next to many Bama fans that had multiple programs and were extremely respectful of our team and fans. Perhaps if we weren’t t.g.l.a.c.t. (Tailgating like a champion today) but rather c.l.a.c.t. (Cheering like a champion today) we would have had the opportunity to buy a program and would have found one of the many facilities that were available to relieve ourselves.

      One last thing, and I love nd as much as you, if we as fans do not learn to bring the noise and appeal to what today’s student athlete desires, regardless of academic expectations, we will remain a house of criticism. I’m not saying we have to lower our expectations of our athletes, but rather raise the expectations of our fans and facilities.

      I love nd and will forever because of its past, present and future and most importantly, the standards that it holds all of its students to, but If we want to be #1 in more than just graduation rate, we all need to wake up to reality and take a lesson from the Bama play book and roll with it. You can say all you want about their players and fans, but with the resources that we have, and the proven demand that is out there for quality players to come to south bend, there is no doubt in my mind that we can lead a program back to the top and educate the kids to graduate.

      I love coach Kelly and hope he stays. If he doesn’t, he has at least paved a better path to success at all levels than anyone we’ve had in over 20 years..

      We are nd!

      • SEAirishfan says:

        great points, Sacrishfan. And, I couldn’t agree more. while i like this blog, i’m not sure the most frequent posters realize how college football has already been a business for many many years – even at Notre Dame. Especially at Notre Dame.

    11. PanDomer73 says:

      Post BCS Championship Game: Saban schedules team meeting for Thursday to focus on next year’s goals… just like he did last year; Kelly interviews for Eagles job and exits country for vacation. I never liked the way this guy left Cincinatti… we’ll see how this one plays out, in a society where integrity has become a sign of weakness. Go Irish!

    12. Can someone please elucidate on the SEC practice (maybe just Bama?) of initially granting more scholarships (1yr) than allowed, inviting guys to early practices, letting them collide, and then keeping the ones who are still standing? Is that accurate? If so, I don’t want ND doing anything like that.

      • If what you say is true, it is obvioulsy allowed by the NCAA. If ND doesn’t want to do it, all the better for Bama and the SEC?

        • Al, there are many things that are NOT illegal, but are unethical. Cheating on your wife, for example. Being a car salesman. Or promising a scholarship that does not exist.

    13. I combined both, nice ‘bama fans and program acquisition. While in line in the over priced souvenir shop at club level, I said something to the bama fan in front of me that I hadn’t seen any programs for sale. He pulled out a wad of vouchers for free programs and gave me one. You just turned it in at the counter. Never would see that from a USC or Miami fan, that’s for sure.

      I guess when you win 3 out of 4, being nice to the opposition is easy.

      Why, oh why, couldn’t k-state beat Baylor? lol

    14. We keep saying if Bama is doing that then we don’t want to be like that but we want to win like Bama. Well folks we arent even close to Bama. While we sit back and reminisce about the good old days Bama keeps on winning championships and there is a good chance they will add another next year. You dont get 15 million for finishing first in graduation rate and it aint you father’s oldsmobile anymore and college football isnt either. ND needs to get all the way in or all the way out. Find a coach pay him 5 million year, pay his assistants and hire a S&C coach pay him 500 grand a year and get strong like Bama. If Bama is the measuring stick we are a long way off. Swarbrick needs to cover his behind and I hope he has started a coach search and this bull about headhunters contacting you and you interviewing for the experience. If you have the greatest job in the world you dont need an experience because you are already having the greatest experience. What happened to “the NFL is not an option?” Kelly has an agent this agent was in contact with the teams and the Eagles showed interest. Kelly is interested. How can they trust him now? Saban has no interest and as one other poster stated he wasnt out of the country though he could have been he was preparing for next year already. Don’t erect that Brian Kelly statue yet.

    15. Sure hope this arrogant asshole takes the Philly job! J.swarbrick should call a press conf ASAP and fire him. Go get PAT FITZGERALD !

    16. martinjordan says:

      I’d like to see him stay to finish what he started but won’t be broke hearted if he leaves. I think that in two years they could be where Alabama is. I’ll give him credit for having a plan – he knew that the first priority had to be to fix the defense. He’s also adapted to the offensive talent – he’s a pass first guy and he’s run alot more than he would like and he’s also been able to change his approach to handling the players.

      With that said, he would have been eaten alive by the Philadelphia media after that 2010 Tulsa game – not settling for a game winning field goal, the game loosing interception, and the “Get used to it” comment in his post game press conference. Get used to what? Loosing? We’re already used to that!

      Then there is the way he mismanaged last year’s team. He lost the locker room and screamed at players in public. Yeah, that’ll go over in the NFL!

    17. What does this tell you? A month before NLID. The day after your team just played for the NC. Is the head coach securing next year’s recruiting class with the enthusiasm that these fresh faces can help keep this going? Is he returning home with his team? Is he meeting with his staff to get the proper direction in place for further success? No he is interviewing for another job and then leaves the country! Folks what does this tell you about Brian Kelly?

    18. ND Chicago says:

      According to the Chicago Tribune this low life was sending out feelers about the NFL several weeks ago. He’s a classless act that doesn’t deserve the privilege of coaching at ND. He’s a hired gun who was just looking for his next big pay day from the time he started coaching at ND. On Tuesday he could have acted like a man and said “I’m going to listen and see what the NFL has to offer and make a decision about what I’m going to do”. Instead, he does a stealth interview without telling anyone from ND, and then leaves the country. What a coward!!! Great example for your players; and way to leave the recruits hanging too (Anzalone already decommitted thanks to his self centered antics). I hope he leaves, he doesn’t want to be at ND and if he stays this will be a yearly event because apparently he didn’t get enough hugs when he was little so he needs to feel wanted. This jag off makes Bobby Petrino look like a stand up guy. I wouldn’t say he’s a scumbag, I’d say he’s a lying scumbag.

    19. Maybe he’s actually doing all this to get more money for the assistants (Diaco?) Or maybe not. Why not just ask Swarbrick for a larger pile of ducats? Jack knows the game.

    20. you guys thinking he’s doing this to better the program or get money for his assistants are delusional. he had his agent leak that he had talks with philly and then said he’s leaving the country immediately afterwards and has scheduled talks when he returns. the coaches, recruits players etc don’t know a thing. this move could only help one person and it’s the most important one in kelly’s life

    21. Why isn’t Tom Clements ever mentioned? Superior resume for ND head coach. That is, if Kelly goes. Hard to argue over this season despite the lousy loss.

    22. Before September 1, 2012 there seemed to be a general consensus that the 2012 team would be good and that we could look forward to great maybe in 2013, surely by 2014. Estimates of wins ranged from as low as 6 as high as 11.

      But these guys kept winning. Luck was a large part of it, but they kept winning. Pretty soon there was only one undefeated team and Notre Dame being NOTRE DAME, things got a bit nutty.

      Then came January 7 – A good, lucky team was brushed aside by a GREAT team. No contest. The team learned firsthand what it takes to win it all. The lessons the underclassmen learned in this game will surely linger in their minds when they debate between doing a few more reps in the weight room or saying “that’s enough.” The contempt that Alabama must have for Notre Dame football should drive them too – only one way to fix that. (Is contempt too harsh a word? I don”t think so.)

      Kelly – His stunt has already hurt recruiting for this year and every minute that goes by that this mess is not cleared up hurts it for the future.

      Not to mention a whole lot of people have lost a whole lot of respect for him.

    23. If Kelly does leave, Swarbrick’s phone will immediately be ringing off the hook and Kelly will be sorry forever.

      We’ll get through this. If Kelly wants to pull an Aaron Lynch on us – let him.

    24. Can’t believe this is happening. All this interview and contract stuff could have been handled discreatly/quietly if the guy really respected ND and the recruits. Have no problem with a guy trying to better himself, but could have been done with more class. Reminds me of Lebron. Gotta wait for Kelly’s big ‘decision’ now. Either way, Swarbrick is not a hands off AD, he’s earned some credibility.

      Rewatched the game, Diaco should have switched Tuit to Left side a lot sooner. Tuit and Nix are really good. ND just a little young at QB and secondary. If they can stay hungery this offseason, will be cautiously optimistic.

    25. GraceHallChapel86 says:

      I have one simple question:

      Recognizing now that Kelly scheduled his Jan 8 interview with the Eagles at least full week before the title game, how could he have focused 100% on that game during that final week? What were his conversations with his family about? Was he thinking about the Tide offense of his talking points in Philadelphia? We all know college ball is about /heart/–not just “schematic advantage.” Well laid plans notwithstanding, where was Kelluy’s heart on Jan 7 when we know his plans for the next day were already in place? These are just the beginning of the doubts.

      Notre Dame is great because she is Notre Dame. Parsegian, Devine, and Holtz saw Notre Dame as a place to dream about being, not a stepping stone to another dream.

      • Why doesn’t ND start interviewing other potential coaches to replace Kelly? It should be a two-way street, right? If Kelly can interview for NFL coaching positions, ND should be able to start looking for potential replacements. It’s hard to have much admiration for a coach whose heart is only with his pocket book. Kelly constantly preaches that he does not want a player at ND if his heart is not in it (remember, the homesick pup who went to South Florida?). Similarly, why should we want a coach whose heart is not with ND?

    26. If Kelly wants to go let him. yes he has done a good job recruiting and yes they were 12–0 this year but…. the preparation for Bama and game plan shows he is miles from being a big time coach and NDs future is questionable at best with him. His prep for the USC game two seasons ago with an extra week was similar to the bama prep—non existent! The FSU game plan was another loser. His juvenile behavior with the seniors who CW recruited last year tells a lot about him

    27. Doen’t ND deserve better than this?

    28. SEAirishfan says:

      As a ’92 grad, I still bleed gold and blue. And, I can empathize with the anger at Coach Kelly. I had a moment of thinking “really?!?!”. But as a professional recruiter for with 20 years’ experience in the private sector, you are disconnected from reality if you think anyone has 100% undying loyalty to their employer. And if you do, which I doubt, then you live in some unreal ‘Ozzie and Harriet’ 1950s world. Wake up and smell the coffee.

      People leave jobs all the time. And they don’t tell their employers when they’re interviewing. Or their colleagues. People are always looking for the next best thing – hello, have you even heard of LinkedIn? Seriously, you are lost in time if you are so angry at this move. The only difference is the agents leak this stuff to the media and it gets out. And that’s no different than any other professional athlete or coach. It happens in this industry. You may not like it, but that’s how it is. Grow up.

      I, too, wish there would be a head coach who is successful, gets what ND is all about, wins games and competes for the NC. AND never wants to leave. But, at this level in sports, you don’t get all those things. Nick Saban is the ultimate carpet-bagger and a failure in the NFL. But all that is forgotten because he has won 3 rings with the Tide. But ask fans at MSU, LSU, or Dolphins how they feel about being jilted. Then realize this employment model of head coaching is, by definition, about moving around and getting more $. And also realize that’s no different than any other role in the private sector.

      Save your outrage for things that are truly important. And grow a pair and realize that the employment free market works this way. Always has, always will. ND is no exception.

      • He certainly has the right to explore other opportunities. I just do not have much admiration for a guy who holds others to a higher standard than he does himself. I’s clear that he is leaving for the NFL if he gets this opportunity, and since that is the way a free market works, it’s time to start interviewing for a replacement instead of waiting around to see what he does.

    29. Love the comments about the pot a pots, totally brutal. Waited 45 minutes to use one, ridiculous! Also the traffic contro; was nonexistant. As far as the game, it was like watching a high school team vs a college team. line play was dismal, love our quarterback for his grit. If Kelly goes, he is a scud. already lost a great linebacker due to this interview.

    30. ND Chicago says:

      Everyone knows the deal when they come to Notre Dame whether its as a student, student athlete, or the head football coach. If you don’t like it, find another school. Kelly knew what was expected of him when he decided to take the job, recruit good student athletes, make sure they graduate, win football games, and occasionally contend for the NC. That hasn’t changed and, hopefully, it never will. Along with the privilege of representing ND comes certain responsibilities. I would say at the top of that list is truthfulness and loyalty. Again, if those things are a problem don’t come to ND. If the object were to win as many NC’s as possible ND would do away with entrance requirements, making making their players attend class, and prioritizing graduation. Similarly, if you’re working in the private sector, and you’re trying to make as much money as possible it would be much easier if you had no ethics or values to get in the way. In summary, character, morals, values, and doing things the right way counts; especially at ND. Notre Dame football is not the most important thing in life, but eventually kids who play for ND will go into the real world and apply that simple lesson; character counts. Their primary role model while at ND, the head football coach, should serve as an example and embody all the things ND represents. ND doesn’t have to apologize for anything. Most people from the ND family understand these simple principles and embrace them. They are in no way wrong to demand the same from someone entrusted to mold young people into men with character, morals, and values.

    31. Well I had a hard time with the timing and circumstances surrounding Kelly’s interview like most of you did. I have to say though, that the number one reason I’d leave Notre Dame is the hoards of idiot fans who are never satisfied.

      The team was supposed to be happy if they could somehow eek out 9 wins this year. Instead, Kelly (the winner of coach of the year what seems like seventeen organizations) has the team undefeated and playing in the national championship game, and somehow has wrangled what looks to be the best recruiting class Notre Dame has hauled in. He’s done what you all said he couldn’t: develop a quarterback. AND he’s changed his sideline demeanor so as not to disrupt your delicate sensibilities. All this while maintaining a roster full of the best academically performing team in college ball. Laughably, (though predictably) crotchety Notre Dame fan is not satisfied.

      Last Sunday, Kelly was Knute reincarnate. Today his name is mud.

      I love Notre Dame football, but I absolutely hate the ridiculous fans it seems to attract. Do you live your life to the same standard you hold the coaching staff at Notre Dame?

      After reading this board and thinking about the whacko boosters Kelly must have to listen to, I couldn’t blame him for wanting to bolt. Absurdism lives here.

      • Mike Coffey says:

        Actually, neither the “Knute reincarnate” or “mud” thing is true, but whatever

        • Ah you’re right. I did what I accused others of doing: I overreacted to the information.

          I think Swarbrick’s comments in the SB Tribune article “Finer points on Kelly’s return” are much closer to what I was attempting to articulate, that this interview wasn’t underhanded or surprising, nor does it indicate any deep flaws in Kelly’s character.

          I disagree with the tone and hyperbole that sometimes happens here, but I truly appreciate the thoughtful criticism this site aims to achieve. Thanks.

    32. Wanting the head coach to show some standards and commitment to the program is hardly ridiculous. Those who chime in and frame it this way unwittingly bring themselves down to the the level of the ridiculous/absurd ND fan (just a different side of the fence). Welcome to the club. I do not expect a NC from Kelly every year. In fact, I think ND sets itself apart from many (yes, there are other good schools) because it’s not just about NC (and football). ND wants its players succeed in life, both on and off the field. I am glad that Kelly decided to stay. I was hoping there more to him than that. Even in the “real world,” no one finds a constant job hopper very appealing. Call it what you will.

      • “Wanting the head coach to show some standards and commitment to the program is hardly ridiculous.”

        Thanks David for the comment,

        In the big business of college football – Notre Dame needs to decide if the current day “ok” status of whatever it takes to be the best in football works best with a university founded on and commited to the highest moral and academic standards…starting with the head coach and the program he leads into a football season. I agree with you 100%.

    33. BK was every ND Fan’s hero until the BCS Bowl loss. Now “he’s not the right guy to lead the team”, “we’re better off with him in the NFL”, etc., etc. Just like when Ara’s team lost any game they said “Ara can’t win the Big One”, and “Dump Ara” signs came out – Now Ara’s enshrined in bronze outside the Stadium. BK has won more games in his first three years than any ND coach in history, tieing Devine. Patience, my friends. ND will be back to the Championship Game within the next couple of years and then they’ll be ready for the Big Stage.