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  • Brian & Seth, Part 1: Coming to South Bend

    by Mike Coffey

    Campus Insiders’ Seth Davis recently sat down with Notre Dame head football coach Brian Kelly to discuss a wide range of topics from recruiting, his keys to winning, what makes ND unique and more. This is Part One of the interview; we will have Part Two for you at the end of this week.

    In this first part, Kelly talks about changing the culture at Notre Dame and his road to South Bend.

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    3 Responses to “Brian & Seth, Part 1: Coming to South Bend”

    1. jim masterson says:


    2. irishfromthestart says:

      wow, very, very good stuff – BK applied to the CIA?

    3. Is anyone going to ask Kelly about the culture change he has instituted this year that includes playing down to bad teams and ignoring entirely the special teams. These culture changes have been successful in getting us to New York for a Bowl instead of Miami. Great job coach.