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  • Recruiting Luck of the Irish

    by Mike Coffey

    In what is fast becoming almost a national holiday for college football fans, today’s National Letter of Intent day brought the Fighting Irish the new members of the class of 2018. Notre Dame analyst (and former player) Alan Pinkett talks about how Brian Kelly and crew fared and how the new arrivals will help advance the program towards a National Championship.

    5 Responses to “Recruiting Luck of the Irish”

    1. Not good enough. Good if you’re looking for 9-win seasons. When you recruit like this, your margin for error becomes razor thin. You are basically saying “we can out-coach and out-develop all but 3 other programs.” That is, if you want a playoff spot! If you’re happy with 9-win seasons and “consistency” then by all means, keep recruiting # 11 classes…

    2. Coffey,

      Like the drink, but not spelled the same.

    3. I do not want a 9 win season and the Gator Bowl every year.

    4. just hoe they come in with a chip on shoulder like Seahawks did against that high powered Denver offense. Hoping for some pass rush this year with a less overweight d-line and an aggressive D coordinator.