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  • Hurricanes Blow Out Irish

    by John Vannie

    Miami’s swarming defense overwhelmed Notre Dame’s ground attack, the Hurricanes rode three interceptions to race to a 27-0 halftime lead, and the Canes went on to rout the Fighting Irish by 41-8 on Satrday night. The loss dropped Notre Dame out of the playoff conversation and elevated undefeated Miami following their best showing of the season. The lopsided loss was a bitter pill for the Notre Dame faithful and rekindled memories of past nightmares in South Florida.

    The Irish failed to convert its only scoring opportunity of the first half when Brandon Wimbush overthrew Equanimeous St. Brown in the end zone on the opening drive. The Canes quicvkly assumed control and whipped the raucous crowd into a frenzy whey their first touchdown was followed by a Jaquan Jones interception in Notre Dame territory. Quarterback Malik Rosier scored on a draw play to give his team a quick 14-0 lead with just over two minutes left in the first quarter.

    The Canes tacked on a field goal as the Irish failed to create running room for Josh Adams. Miami’s defensive line ran down play after play and Notre Dame looked as if it were operating in quicksand. Another Wimbush interception on a terrible throw set up yet another three-pointer and the Hurricanes pushed their advantage 20-0 six minutes before the half. The Irish coaches pulled the beleaguered Wimbush in favor of backup Ian Book, who threw gasoline on the fire in the form of a pick-six by Trajan Bandy with just seconds left before intermission.

    Miami added an exclamation point by taking the second half kickoff and moving in for another score on a drive that featured a 28-yard completion on a fourth and nine play. Notre Dame avoided the shutout at the end of the third period as Wimbush returned to hit Alize Mack for his first career touchdown reception. Later in the final quarter, the Canes got the last word as Deejay Dallas recorded his second trip to the end zone during the one-sided affair.

    The Irish once again had a deer-in-the-headlights look in a big game on the national stage. Brian Kelly’s 100th game as the Notre Dame coach looked very similar to his last visit to Hard Rock Stadium in January 2013. The Hurricanes were well-prepared for the Irish attack, which played right into their hands by running wide with blocking schemes that were slow to develop and all too easy for the quick Miami defenders to penetrate. The Canes offense also took advantage of the soft middle of Notre Dame’s defense for long gains by Rosier. It was obvious they had studied game film that showed Notre Dame’s struggles to contain Wake Forest last week. Although the Irish eventually adjusted, the damage was done.

    Let’s review the answers to the pregame questions:

    Will Notre Dame stick to running the ball in the face of adversity? They tried to show patience, but could not sustain anything on the ground. The problem only grew worse when they began throwing it to Miami’s defensive backs.

    Which team will be wearing the turnover chain at the end of the game? Miami won the turnover battle by 4-0, so they definitely earned the right to be called the Chain Gang.

    Can the Irish settle down and play well in an extremely hostile environment? Never happened.

    Which team will best complete drives and reach the end zone? The entire first half was played in the Notre Dame end of the field, and the lone irish scoring drive came well after any suspense had dissipated.

    Will a special teams play result in a game-changing moment? Miami’s special teams dominated Notre Dame’s and the mismatch contributed substantially to the first half avalanche. Poor punting and the failure to catch punts were glaring issues for the Irish.

    Can the Irish turn the Canes into a one-dimensional offense? No, the opposite happened.

    Which team will be able to connect on long passes? The early miss by Wimbush and the 28-yard shot by Miami on fourth and nine were plays that stood out.

    Will there be controversial plays that fans will gripe about for the next 30 years? There were no controversial plays or referee calls, but Notre Dame fans will probably have nightmares about this game for 30 years.

    The Irish will conclude the home portion of the schedule next week against Navy before finishing on the road at resurgent Stanford. Two wins should produce a berth in a respectable bowl game, but the team and its long suffering fans will be watching on television as four other teams compete in the playoffs.

    139 Responses to “Hurricanes Blow Out Irish”

    1. I am a loyal fan of the Irish but after this game Notre Dame becomes Notre Shame! There was absolutely nothing good about any of their playing style tonight. Next week they face Navy and then Stanford and they might not bode too well after this!

      • Avon Domer says:

        Hey Doc: What kind of a “loyal fan of the Irish” are you to refer to Our Lady’s University as “Notre Shame?” You are a disgrace and a pathetic crybaby. As for me, I see a team that was 4-8 last season and has a real chance to go 10-2 this year, and I see a program that has made great strides. I think most reasonable fans would’ve gladly welcomed that record at the start of this season. Credit to Miami last night. Their team speed on defense was incredible and we just couldn’t handle it. While I’m disappointed, I prefer to see the positive of this season and emphasize that. You can do what you will, but I will forever support Notre Dame … win or lose.

        • Zooropa_Station says:

          What kind of a “loyal fan of the Irish” are you to refer to Our Lady’s University as “Notre Shame?”

          You’re reading way too far into this…

    2. Another prime time failure for a Brian Kelly coached team. Win the next two games and get a decent bowl game. 10-2 is a good to great season after 4-8 of 2016. Miami speed was too much to overcome. Good luck to them in the playoffs.

    3. Curb stomped again. I don’t think anyone can win a title in football under ND’s constraints. Brian Kelly’s success is as good as it gets. Nick Saban wouldn’t do any better at ND.

      • beattherush says:

        That’s just nonsense. No one was saying that last week.

        • goirish1988 says:

          Agree, total nonsense. The problem has been and continues to be one single factor: Brian Kelly has no idea what killer instinct is. As has been the case for his entire career at ND, the game was lost in the locker room before kickoff when Kelly told his team they should hope to withstand the emotion of the Canes and hang in there. As soon as I heard Kelly’s pre-game interview saying the above (just as he did at Clemson and many other times), I knew it would be a typical 14-0 deficit pretty quickly. Decent recruiter, decent at developing players, horrible at motivation.

          • That’s just as much nonsense, for the same reason – no one was saying we lacked killer instinct after USC, Michigan State and NC State. Kelly has the team amped and their heads in the right place. The issue is that Miami’s D was faster and more athletic, and our gameplan relies on power overcoming defenses. Miami’s D was the paper to our rock. Also, Wimbush’s inexperience as a passer was exposed.

            • goirish1988 says:

              Farsdahl, look back at just about every post I’ve written about Kelly and you’ll get tired of reading me saying the one think he lacks is the ability to instill killer instinct in his players.

          • Total nonsense ????? ND hasn’t had back to back to back seasons of success since Lou Holtz. Lou Holtz had lots of players on the team that would not be allowed into ND now.

      • Saquon Barkley’s Agent says:

        This is so sad. The Vikings, spiking the football on the Irish after yesterday’s diaper-rashing at the hands of the gangstas released the debut dance video from their soon to be released EP called Dancin’ on Aaron’s Rodgers entitled “Caning the Elko,” after the score that put them up 20-17 in today’s game versus the Redskins. Just Google the highlights of that game and you’ll see what I’m sayin’.

    4. Like 1985, it’s time to reboot w/ a new coach for 2018. 8 years of frustration must be swept aside for a
      new approach. BK obviously is not going to get ND to the next level.

      Yes – hiring a new coach is always risky.

      However, there is zero reward in retaining Kelly.

      • Who do you think can do better than Brian Kelly at ND????? Saban, Meyer, Dabo, Richt, Stoops, I don’t think any of them would do any better under the way ND operates.

        • Mike Coffey says:

          That’s why ND has to change the way it operates

          • ND can’t have their cake and eat it too!!!!! You don’t need to uphold Ivy League standards at a Catholic University! Can’t say it’s about football when the football program since ’96 had been average at best!!!! University doesn’t or interested in winning a National Championship but the University will sure put their hand out from the $ the football program generates and endorses!!!!! Just remember without football ND would be just another Mid West Catholic school!!!!!

          • If ND ever chooses to “operate” like Miami or Alabama, I’m putting my diploma in the shredder and never donating another dime. I won’t be associated with a university that literally sells its soul. Brian Kelly and Jack Swarbrick have my support.

            • John Vannie says:

              It’s not a binary choice. ND does not have to sell out its values to put a more competitive team on the field with a capable coach. We’ve done this throughout our history with the right blend of leadership and commitment. Swarbrick and Kelly are not the answer.

            • I’m not saying to be like Bama…..but 30 years without a National Title and not having a decent team since early to mid 90s and at least 3 generations of IRISH fans who don’t know what REAL ND Football is!!!! BTW you might as well put it through the diploma through the shredder because ND lost its way on the field and as a Catholic School along time ago! Even Father aged said that!!!

            • james Kely says:

              You are a sanctimonious phony. Miami was classy and just beat the crap out of us. I wish we had their grit and swag. Let’s not be sore losers and take the beating without taking cheap shots

            • Sorry James it’s the reality we live in. Honestly I could careless about Miami and how classy they are. I’m interested in the blue and gold team only. And as much as I hate to admit it Miami beat square and fair and we took them lightly.

    5. This win was humiliating, but unfortunately Notre Dame got spanked on a national stage by a team it trashed talked all month for beating “cupcake”opponents by small margins. Ironically ND turned out to be the biggest cupcake of the all with this embarrassing rout. Word to the wise: embrace humility and never ever disrespect a Hurricane.

    6. Wimbush has been overthrowing receivers all year. Kelly says he is still developing. Apparently three years is not enough for Wimbush to be developed. He will not be the starting QB next year. Jurkovich is the real deal!
      McGlinchey is way overrated. Her has been totally dominated by any D-lineman with speed. Wait till he gets a taste of the NFL! Bench warmer at best.
      Team not prepared again. That is poor coaching. Kelly won’t win an other National title until he returns to Grand Valley State.
      Recruiting will take a hit from this loss so we will not be contenders for at least another four years. We need D linemen badly and some speed in the secondary. Sorry, but three star recruits won’t get you there.

      • As to 3-star recruits, the 5-star athletes either can’t gain entrance or stay if they do. ND is a special place, and not for everyone.

        • Mike Coffey says:

          They can both gain entrance and certainly stay. Defeatist bullshit like this is part of the problem.

          • Amen brother.

            • goirish1988 says:

              Agree with Mike and irishrifle. Talent is plenty good enough. Telling them they’ll have to match the other team’s energy instead of imposing their own will destroys the confidence of young men. Horrible leadership. Why does Kelly think his players play like deer in headlights and turn the ball over in every big road game? He sends them out into war thinking they’re going to get crushed.

          • For (mostly) middle aged, white, Catholic men, ND is a natural destination. But many elite athletes are none of the above. ND is a unique place, so enjoy it and don’t get hung up with the pitiful metrics that drive many schools.

      • Overreact much? What many fail to notice is everyone not named Alabama has an off week and gets blown out. Notre Dame is having a great season against a rigorous schedule. I expect to go 10-3 in an average year with a 11-2 or 9-4 mixed in and win some big games in the process. Looks like we could be on our way. Too many are expecting to be what Alabama is or what ND was in the 1940s. Sorry but that will NEVER happen.

        • goirish1988 says:

          You are right with Kelly as the “leader.” And if he goes, we hand the decision regarding the next coach to a bureaucratic risk-reducing attorney (Swarbrick) rather than a business person who understands how to balance risk with reward. However, I heard the same nonsense about standards and not ever winning a national championship again while Faust was coach and as I received admission in 1986. We then went on a 23-game winning streak and won a national championship while I was a student. Problem is Kelly’s lack of killer instinct and Swarbrick, not anything else.

      • Saquon Barkley’s Agent says:

        The team was prepared, they simply didn’t execute and the play-calling after the first series was atrocious. St. Brown lays out he catches that ball in the end zone. The Claypool drop in the first drive was basically a perfect throw. But Long called perfectly predictable run options to Adams and Wimbush’s reads were awful. He appeared to hand the ball to Adams without giving much of any thought to tucking it. No misdirections or reverses to take advantage of the Canes over-pursuit, no exotic looks and passing plays repeatedly called requiring Wimbush to throw over the middle over taller LBs, and in several cases, he threw into quadruple coverage. The Book pick six should never have been called. Run out the Half and to locker room to reboot. Complete and utter choke.

        • Ridgerunner says:

          Agree…. Kelly looked like an Oil Painting on the sidelines entire 1st half, with his Offense calling slow motion High School plays. Absolutely no change ups, no adjustments. Just minutes before start of the game while entire MU team on already on the field, TV feed shows Wimbush still in the locker room apparently fumbling around finishing getting his gear together not fully dressed, with a tense look on his face. Horrible Offensive game plan…. if you can call it that. I really thought BK would have grown and learned from his last trip to the prime time swamp… wow was I wrong!

    7. Wimbush holds the ball waaayyyy too long. Doesn’t have enough sense to throw it away, therefore, takes too many losses on sacks.

    8. Miami definitely had a faster team, but there was lot more to this loss than that. Miami did not exactly blow out teams like North Carolina, Georgia Tech and Syracuse. Miami was prepared both mentally and physically, while Notre Dame did not look like it wanted to be there. This team was capable of playing much better than that. This was just poor preparation, poor execution, and lack of toughness. This not what got them to this point.

    9. Saquon Barkley’s Agent says:

      I’ve never been more wrong about the outcome of a big game in my life. Taped the game, got home late, and already had text from a friend that said “this is grim,” so honestly only watched a bit of it while fast-forwarding.

      Wimbush missing the wide-open sure TD, the Claypool drop, and the inexplicable false start on the second 4th and 1, by an OL whose blocking was so irrelevant on the play and the game was over.

      Chip Long’s game plan did nothing scheme-wise to account for the Hurricane’s over-pursuit and massive speed edge and if he made any adjustments honestly didn’t see them.

      We didn’t protect the rock, we put the game on the arm of a passer everyone knew coming in was not a particularly good passer, and generally looked like a team that was not prepared to match the Hurricanes energy.

      But when you get diaper-rashed that bad, all you can do is tip your hat to your opponent, give credit where credit is do, and do what the Buckeyes did to the Badgers a week after getting creamed almost as bad as we did today.

      Next week will tell you all you need to know about the character of this team.

      And at the end of the day, it’s just a game.

      • Mike Coffey says:

        If you truly believe “it’s just a game”, you don’t belong here.

        • Thank you for saying that, Mike.

        • Then what is it Mike?

          • goirish1988 says:

            It’s a medium for bringing together, supporting, and celebrating a common set of unique values, including that it’s possible to be great athletes while embracing those values. When winning on a big stage never happens, it makes living those values and investing the time at the get-togethers less enjoyable than it needs to be.

            • We just crushed USC on the big stage a month ago! Nothing is ever good enough for a certain segment of the fan base.

          • Fulk's Ghost says:

            It’s a tremendous revenue stream for an otherwise mid level, nominally Catholic school.

        • Saquon Barkley’s Agent says:

          Of course Idon’t believe that. I’m simply trying anything possible to get myself out of the protocol after repeatedly bashing my head against the widescreen.

        • Mike, with all due respect, it is just a game. That doesn’t mean we are not fans, don’t care, can’t dissect and discuss, following, etc. We want them to win, we agonize when they lose but, in the end, our lives don’t change one iota. It is just a game. You’re a great writer Mike. Stay grounded.

        • Brian in Cleve says:

          Interestingly enough, and related to the question of whether or not CFB is merely a game, a timely debate on whether or not college athletes should be paid occurred recently over at IQ2. Fascinating debate and good points on both sides.Read the comments. In my heart, I have always hoped that ND’s dedication to doing things the right way transcended the idea of a mere sporting event. Now, I’m not so sure. Perhaps NDNation can have it’s own debate on just what the heck ND football means or is supposed to mean in an environment where it seems everyone is cheating and manipulating the system. Great topic for your next “Wonder, Think, Know,” Mike?

    10. IrishMadman says:

      Looked way out of our league tonight. I have no answers after that beat down

    11. Christopher GH says:

      One can argue the last time ND made a serious run at the National Championship was almost 24 years ago to the day: 11/13/93 when our beloved Irish manhandled #1 FSU 31-24.

      *For the uninformed, late in the 4th quarter (ND leading 31-17) a tipped ball that should have been knocked to the ground was instead caught by an FSU receiver for a TD on 4th & 20 to make the score appear closer than it actually was.

      24 years ago.

      Think about how many players ND has sent to the NFL in that time span.

      Think about the resources ND has at their disposal in addition of having the opportunity to obtain a degree from ND and being on national tv on a weekly basis (I realize that doesn’t mean as much as it used to) but still.

      There is absolutely no reason ND should have gone this long without a National Championship.

      I don’t know what we as alumni, classmates, relatives, supporters, fans, etc. can do to change things but I am so sick and tired of this.

      I’ll always cheer on our on players no matter our record, no matter who is coaching but they deserve better and not being able to do anything to make this situation better frustrates me more than words can define.

      • ND has become Vanderbilt North. Uses their football players as gladiators to keep the money flowing into the coffers. No clue as to how to win another Nat. Championship which absolutely will not happen with the current President, A.D., and head coach on the payroll. dg, domer ’67.

    12. Wimbush needed to connect with St. Brown in the 1Q. Would have made it a different game. He lost all confidence. He’ll need it back. Navy is good, Stanford is better.

    13. 61 years old and once again very disappointed in Notre Dame. I will always be a Notre Dame fan but am at the point of finding other things to do on fall Saturdays. I know Kelly won’t do this but If I’m him I would give this Jurkovic kid a real opportunity next year. I know its against high school competition but the kid is so accurate. I just don’t think Winbush is the answer.

      • Wimbush has been in the system 3 years. He has not developed other than for the RPO. Yes, we need someone that does not get overwhelmed by the moment, the stage and the opponent. Same comments for the head coach, but he has been around even longer than Wimbush.

    14. Embarrassing!!!!! I’m glad we are out of the Playoff Picture……we always never were that good to be in it to begin with……. We are still feeling the effects from 2013’s debacle with Bama!

    15. I was completely wrong about my predictions about this game! Wow was that ugly. We looked like our 2007 version. Well, it’s very hard to find a team that hasn’t been blown out this year. Time to regroup and try to finish 10-2 and in the New Years Six. Go Irish!

    16. That is what one calls a “Bully Beat-Down!” Is it just me or has anyone else observed that it seems like someone “threw a switch” after we got up 41-16 on Wake Forrest? Performance has been terrible since then. Last night many of us simply went to bed early. We couldn’t stand the pain.

    17. The more things change the more they stay the same. Just when I thought ND had finally turned the corner and forged a new identity ghosts of seasons past resurfaced in this game.

      South Florida venues, whether the Orange bowl or Hard Rock stadium continue to be houses of horror for Notre Dame teams facing top ten ranked Miami teams. This game was eerily reminiscent of the 1989 contest where ND had run for 425 yards against Penn State the week before only to get stuffed for slightly over 100 by Miami (in the Orange bowl) a week later and suffer an embarrassing 27-10 defeat.

      The O-line got blown up almost from the opening whistle and the defense once again looked like it was being coached by Van Gorder for most of the game. I’m not an expert but common sense dictates that running plays that take 8 seconds to develop aren’t wise against a fleet footed defense. And yes, like Vannie said, I saw that all too familiar deer in headlights look.

      It’s clear that Brian Kelly is at his worst when the entire nation is focused on the contest as was the case this weekend. The next two weeks will tell us a lot about this team and if they suffer a all too familiar November collapse and two more losses to finish 8-4 then it might be time for a change of direction in the program.

    18. Glad I did not follow the Jim Jones crowd to the KoolAid, so my disappointment is not as great as many fans out there.
      Wimbush basically pooped himself. He had that Golson scared-to-death look about him. He hits St. Brown for an early TD and maybe things settle down and go a bit better for ND.
      As it was, the early Miami momentum just built and their players fed off of the crowd. I will still take the current record over last year. We’ve beaten some quality teams quite soundly, and despite laying another goose egg
      against a top 10 team there is definite progress.

      • goirish1988 says:

        Isn’t it sad when we’re well-prepared to get blown out on the road on a big stage? I’m sad for all of it. I remember being able to get excited for these kinds of games because I “knew” we were going to win them. That was through 1993.

        • as a ND grad, totally agree with goirish1988. When can we get a break with a coach and some good game planning.

    19. Well this team is not great but still good. I still think this team can finish out the season at 10-2 and
      win a major bowl game which is a lot better than last years 4-6 team. At least we are beating the teams
      we should beat with ease as opposed to last year when every game was a crap shoot. Yes, I would have
      loved to beat Miami but we didn’t, but we will see if this team still has the hunger to win out. I think we have
      the right coaching staff in place, however, the QB situation has to get resolved. Wimbush has twice now just
      looked horrible on the “Big stage” and as he goes so goes our offense. The O-line is still a weak link and
      we have to get faster in the trenches to compete at the next level. Let’s hope this team can get refocused
      and ready to play next week because as we all know Navy is always a tough one for us. GO IRISH!

    20. I was wondering when the ghost of 2016 would return after what appeared to be a successful turnaround. Even ND’s one loss Georgia opponent was blown out yesterday. Oh well, if ND can manage a win against Navy and Standford, they may get a good bowl. Actually, the games against Navy and Stanford will be very telling. These are two teams that ND has struggled with in recent years. Defeating them will go a long way to say there has been at least a partial turnaround since 2016. At this point, losing to an elite Miami team is not that embarrassing but losing to a Navy team that has huge recruiting disadvantages and runs the same triple option scheme every year will spell disaster.

    21. I haven’t felt this bad about a game since 1 January 1973. Nebraska & Johnny Rogers. But then again 1973 would be a good season.

    22. Terry McManus says:

      A butt-kicker right out of the gate.


    23. This was more than a few bad decisions, poor execution, etc. Notre Dame was downright outclassed in every way. Miami looked so far superior it was throughly embarrassing, and exposed that Notre Dame is a mediocre team that’s had a decent season up to this point against a relatively weak schedule. To those of you who have let your hopes build over the past few weeks, be reminded that this is the same old Notre Dame. Reboot, re-shoed, re-tooled, I don’t care what they call it, Brian Kelly has proven time and time again that he does not know how to win the big ones. I hope you’ve all enjoyed the first part of this season, that is as good as it will ever get under Kelly. Maybe that’s good enough.

      • Agree with the assessment of the game, but not your statements about ND being a “mediocre” team with a “relatively weak schedule”. With three dominant victories against top 20 teams (MSU, USC and NCS) and one of the highest strength of schedule ratings in the country, this is simply not a fair or accurate assessment.

        • I’m referring to the overall program over the last several years, not just this season. But speaking of this season, MSU is not that great and got blown out by OSU. NCS is not even ranked anymore. In any case, after last night’s performance I would take “mediocre” as a compliment.

          • 1. NC state and MSU are still ranked and 2. Who hasn’t been blown out? Would a win over Ohio State be worthless because they’ve been blown out?

    24. As predicted, Miami Defense had way too much speed for us.. It was a no brainer prediction.

      Kelly outcoached again.. 5 star recruits will run the other way..

      We will struggle with Navy next week and then Stanford will take it to us..

      Kelly must go.. He had no answers last night…. Shameful performance and everyone knows it.

      Time for JOHN GRUDEN!!!!!!!!!

      • Avon Domer says:

        Jake: The odds of Gruden coaching Notre Dame are the same as Knute Rockne coming back to take over the team. Never gonna happen …

    25. It seemed like we were watching the 2012 National Championship game again. Couldn’t tell if it was Golson or Wimbush. Defense was very disappointing and didn’t seem to have an offensive game plan designed to counter Miami’s speed. No mis-direction, wrap around hand-offs, counters, draws or screens. Granted ND fell behind early but it was like ND ran their traditional offense without customizing. Evident offensive line cannot handle speed.

      • I agree, this was just like Alabama. Kelly is just no match for a real coach with a real team.

      • AlumniDawg97 says:

        Precisely. They pulled down our pants and laughed at us. Outmuscled and outrun. Of all the BK beatings, I think this one ranks pretty high on the suck-o-meter.

        Rub some dirt in it, take a lap, and get ready for Naval Academy. If any of us had been told “you guys will finish 10-2”, most of us would have taken that, yes? Win out so we can kick Penn State’s ass, just like the old days.

    26. Long time Irish fan. Disappointed in last night, but not shocked. This year’s team is, quite frankly, about as good as ND can reasonably expect. 10-2 and a shot at a decent bowl is essentially the pinnacle, given UND admission standards. I’m not advocating for a change in that, but for anyone who feels that this is solely on the coaches, you are fooling yourselves. Miami’s speed was overwhelming and the sad fact is that they have faster, more talented players on 3rd string than ND has in their starting lineup. There’s a somewhat solid inverse relationship between speed/athleticism and academic performance and ND can’t stack the roster like the powerhouses. Not excuses; facts. Expectation management. Go Irish!

      • So tired of the admissions standard excuse. Plenty of other schools that are on par or even better academically than ND can compete in football (Penn State, Stanford just to name two). If Penn State could come back from near mortal sanctions and climb to #2 in the country in just a few short years, anything is possible at any school. Like any organization, you need the right people at the helm.

        • I agree with you. If nothing else, Notre Dame needs to tighten up admission standards.the way it is now, too many players end up leaving early or transferring, due to poor academics or team violations. Accept only quality players with highest academic standards and of good moral character. Those who love to play at Notre Dame. Chances are, they will do well in school and during games on Saturdays. As far as coaching, recruit a proven coach, preferably a winner figure associated with Notre Dame. One who can coach, as well as relate ND’s football history and tradition to young players. One who can inspire a team to perform at the highest level, not only for themselves but Our Lady and the many fans.

      • goirish1988 says:

        Ridiculous “facts.” People said the same thing before Holtz became coach. We could have all of the speed you want. Telling them before the game to fear the opponent’s energy and emotion guarantees a loss.

        • ND lowered their admission standards in the 1980s when Holtz came onboard. That was almost as instrumental in their resurgence as was Lou’s coaching. When the Administration felt that they were losing control, they tightened back up. Thus the past 25 years of mediocrity. Continue to deny all you want. Easy to say “recruit only the best players” and “ensure they have high character” and “hire a better coach”, but how do you plan on executing that plan? Fantasy.

          • Mike Coffey says:

            Do you honestly believe the academic standards are the same for Kelly as they were for Davie?

            Hint — they very much are not. Kelly pretty much has gotten everything Urban Meyer wanted when ND talked to him.

    27. irishrifle says:

      Shocking loss to a good, but hardly a great Miami team. I was confident ND would win this game but a loss to a good team in a hostile environment on the road was always a possibility. However, in my worst nightmare, I would never have imagined a 41-8 loss.

      Irish did not look prepared for the game and obviously underestimated Miami. That’s on the coaching staff. The four TOs were the difference. As we have seen all year, no team is going to overcome such a handicap, as MSU and USC learned rather painfully earlier in the season. Game was essentially over at the half, with ND down 27-0.

      Key drive, as John pointed out, was the first of the game. Wimbush pass to the end zone to EQ was slightly overthrown, but EQ has got to lay out for a pass like that. He never seems to do so. Also lacks top end speed. There was also a critical drop by Claypool on that same drive. While there can be no certainty, If ND scores on that drive, I believe the game would have been very different.

      Wimbush had a poor first half with the two INTs and some other poor throws, but he was also harassed all night. Not sure what happened on the second INT, as it was a timing throw and the receiver cut in while the pass went out. Either a miscommunication or a very poor throw. Book looked like a deer in headlights with a pick six thrown directly to Miami, as the Irish were driving. Instead of potentially being down 20-7 or 20-3 at the half, it became an insurmountable 27-0 deficit.

      O line was awful. The two right tackles were constantly beaten by edge rushers and McGlinchy was inconsistent in his blocking and missed a couple of blocks on the edge. Running scheme was also totally wrong for Miami. The approach should have been smash mouth football. The run-wide approach against a team with excellent speed made no sense and was never changed. Adams, who is a truly great back, seemed to be slow to make his cuts. I wonder whether he was at 100% for the game.

      ND defense spent a lot of time on the field and did not play particularly well. Line never mounted much of a pass rush. This has been the case all year. Tackling was average at best, as there were many missed tackles. The last Miami TD on 4th down was a good example, as the runner should have been stopped well short of the goal line. I thought the DBs played pretty well. They were beaten on a couple of very well thrown and contested passes, but hat tip to Miami on those.

      One footnote. I think I would have gone crazy if ABC had provided one more shot of Ed Reed gloating on the sidelines.

      Time to regroup and get ready for Navy and Stanford.

    28. Two big stages for Kelly this year– Georgia and the U–and Kelly dropped them both, the latter in humiliating fashion. Aside from his personality annoyances, his biggest failure is his inability to make in game adjustments. Wimbush had a horrible night but he was looking at 3rd and 10 regularly. When it still mattered the U’s QB repeatedly rushed up the middle and encountered open field followed by woeful tackling.
      Fire Swarbrick!!!!

    29. Was hoping the run would last longer.
      Team a little reminiscent of Ara’s teams.
      Would have been a nice honor if the team could have run the table. This is a surprisingly good team
      and did not turn bad with one game. SC doing nicely after blowout loss to ND.
      Miami always tough for ND down there. Even Lou lost down there. Does this make Miami a lock for
      the playoffs? Only if they pretend every opponent is ND and all the games are at home.
      This team can lose to Clemson, Va. or Pitt.
      Our defense adjusted during the game, which was refreshing. Offense, same old same old.
      Why was the right side of the offensive line continuing to try to reach blocking the linebackers
      when the lineman they let go unblocked continually ran down our runners from behind?
      Kelly’s over emphasis on their health made it obvious from pregame comments that
      Wimbush and Adams were not 100%. And their play showed it. Book looked good but play call that led
      to pick six was mystifying. Read that Miami defensive coaches correctly predicted ND’s play calling.
      Regardless of how the season now ends, this is a good team and the win over USC still makes me smile.

    30. The outcome of any game hinges on a few plays. I’ve experienced it and Tom Pagna and Ara have pointed it out also. It may not have mattered but after Miami’s first score sticking with a running game that had more quick hitting plays, and if not making the sticks, punting, and not putting more pressure on Wimbush might have helped. At least, not downfield, but a screen pass to Adams, or center screen to the TE could have helped Wimbush. Also, quick traps, with Wimbush, Adams, Williams etc,to slow their penetration could’ve helped. However, I’m not sure these are in BK’s offense.I don’t think his offense can beat top teams. Maybe these would’ve done little but kept the score down? And, can BK even game plan to beat good teams?

    31. A couple final thoughts. Does Herbstreit get a commission on Miami ticket sales? At the end of the game
      he was exhorting Miami fans to come and see the Canes play at home. Sounds like most home games
      are played to a half empty stadium.
      Richt seemed to be content to run the clock out for the entire second half. The last score looked
      like an effort to let the clock run out and should have been stopped. Jimmy Johnson would have
      kept running the score up and gone for two. Not sure why the apparent change from form. Maybe they
      need us on their schedule and don’t want to precipitate another long hiatus.
      Regardless, Richt and Kelly have, in my opinion, one overriding similarity. Neither will lead their team
      to a national title.

      • This comment sounds like truly a sore loser who points out minor things rather than focus on the blowout defeat. What a sorry, lame way of taking defeat rather than showing true sportsmanship by giving credit where it’s do. ND deserved to lose in a big way. Is this the true Notre Dame? Now the real question is, will you get bitter or better?

    32. Yep, deers in the headlights. I’m not sure what happened to defense. Poor tackling and WR were pretty much wide open. Game was over in first quarter as Miami was up 14-0 and in the red zone before the second quarter even started. Should be used to these let downs on National stage, but still tough. Expectation was a few losses this season anyway, but that beat down stings.

    33. I am stunned by reading the comments of many above saying that no other coach could do any better at and this is as good as it gets. Wow what a bunch of losers. that is completely false. I get that we may not get elite talent consistency but come on!!! This is ALL about horrible coaching and terrible game preparation. This is a signature Kelly trait. Come into big games with poor preparation and poor game plans. We abandoned the game plan early in the first half. Kelly gave up on Wimbush, and we flinched and could not even provide a competitive edge. Miami is NOT that great. Look at how they got their wins. Many others played them much more competitive and those teams don’t have ND talent. In fact Miami has two wins that were very lucky wins against below average or mediocre teams ( FSU and G Tech)
      If you want to win a few big games ( not all or even a majority –just a few) then Kelly has to go. He is a disgrace as a coach. As long as he is the coach we will be consistently humiliated in big games. Look at all his big games esp on the road and other than Oklahoma in 2012 when has he won. When have we upset a good team? Never. It is time to move on. But please don’t settle for saying this is as good as we can do

      • goirish1988 says:

        Agree. What I’m fearful of is leaving the next coach decision to Swarbrick, who doesn’t get it. I feel like the guy dating the girl who isn’t right for me so I know I should breakup because there is a better woman for me but the decision as to who that woman is will be left to someone who doesn’t get me.

      • Who would want to come coach ND, given its academic restrictions? That’s one of the reasons Urban Meyer turned ND down in 2005. He went to Florida instead because he knew he could win a national title there a lot quicker and easier. Big-name coaches, which is who I assume you want here, recognize this also and wouldn’t be interested. Until the ND administration loosens its entrance requirements, as it did in the Lou Holtz Era, the Irish will fall short to programs like Alabama, Georgia, Clemson, Oklahoma, Ohio State and now, sadly, Miami who can take in just about anyone who can breathe.

      • You are correct. I watch all games and read all I can about Notre Dame. Kelly fails miserably to prepare the team. Opponents appear to know and be prepared for our plays but we do little to prepare for theirs. As examples, you can watch or read the previous coach and players interviews. Almost to a person, they all said the same. They prepare the same way for all games. Many players admitted, they knew next to nothing about ND-Miami rivalry or that they watched previous Miami games. The same goes for Notre Dame tradition, which Kelly went on record a few years ago stating, “tradition does not win games”.
        I feel we have outstanding and talented players. They just need to be developed and pumped up for all games, especially the big rivalry and traditionally competitive ones, regardless of standing in the polls.

    34. It would have been one thing if after falling behind 17-0 ND settled down, battled back and lost 31-24, or 34-24. But they just got utterly humiliated on national TV and the answers they seemed to have in previous games when other teams gained the momentum weren’t there.

      I’m not buying the typical excuse that Miami had too much speed and athleticism. They may well be the better team but not to the tune of 41-8.

      Toledo scored 30 points on Miami with 0,1 and 2 star recruits, but ND can only score 8 with their bevy of 3 and 4 star players. Inexcusable.

    35. Lou Holtz would have had his players so fired up after that rock broke the bus window. They would have come off that bus ready to fight. In fact Lou probably would have gotten off that bus and went after whoever threw it. That’s how you motivate players. That’s how you lead. That’s the difference between a great coach and a fake coach. Unfortunately, Monk Malloy’s legacy is firing Lou and it still haunts Notre Dame football. It’s akin to the Babe curse. I believe ND lives in mediocrity and irrelevance until Malloy reaches his eternal reward. He better dress in flame retardant pajamas. Not to be macabre, just my gut feeling.

      • Lou Holtz would also find the negatively on this site dispicable. If you love him so much I suggest you pick up his biography and make an attitude adjustment. I have a sneaking suspicion most of the commenters on here demanded Lou be fired several times. People used to hate ND because they were good. I can see why they still hate us now, our fanbase is miserable! There is absolutely zero difference between this group of our fanbase and Michigan fans. No one is going to Hell because they fired a coach. Get some perspective and get a life!

        • goirish1988 says:

          Oh, Jerrod, settle down. Coach is 100% right about Holtz. I doubt he actually wants Malloy to burn in hell. He’s just expressing frustration with the fact that Kelly is incapable of motivating men in the face of adversity.

          • Settle down? Have you read the overreactions on here including those by yourself? Take a deep breath, remember it’s a game you have zero control over and not your religion (I assume)

        • OK Mrs. Kelly. Whatever you say.

        • Saquon Barkley’s Agent says:

          Lou texted me at the Half saying: “If I could get there, I’d Ian Book Brian Kelly, …, but there’s simply not enough time!!!” 🙈🙈🙈

    36. Miami had better athletes on the field last night, but more importantly, it had a better team. I was able to watch the Irish from the late 60’s to 1995, and the Irish did not always have the best athletes on the field, but they had the best team. The Irish were well coached, disciplined, and toughness was instilled in them. Those teams had a sense of pride and confidence, and it was apparent the majority of the time that they were prepared to play the opposing team. Those attributes were imprinted into their very core by Ara and Lou.

      I think we have known for several years that BK is incapable of accomplishing the same standard of excellence. You can’t lead if no one will follow. You can’t adjust in the middle of a game, if every game is templated to be played the same way for all 60 minutes. Watching BK on the sideline, it is obvious he is not into it or is simply overwhelmed.

      I wish him the best, but it is time to make a change.

      • Revisionist history at its finest. ND very often did not have the best team from 1960-1995. 1989 they were dominate by Miami. 1994 was a disaster. Lou did not have the troops reward for BC in 1993. Lou was amazing but he had many poor showings. The commenters on here however seem to remember him going 120-0.

        This is a different era people. Reagan isn’t in the White House and Michael Jackson isn’t dominating the charts. Please find a relevant comparison Notre Dame can aspire to.

        • John Vannie says:

          Jerrod, you need to step away from your keyboard before we put you on a long timeout.

          • goirish1988 says:

            Agree. Jerrod, you win a national championship at Notre Dame, you get special status. Holtz won in 88 and should have been given another in either 1989 or 1993. College football feared Notre Dame the way it has Alabama recently. Any “revisionist history” perspective demonstrates your lack of credibility.

            • Monk Malloy feared that Lou Holtz was bigger than the university. Jealous priests are very dangerous people.

            • Vannie I know you don’t like desention. Feel free to deal with it as you see fit. Notre Dame was not feared like Alabama. We were often underdogs. Florida 91. FSU 93. Miami 86-90. Michigan half of the years. Keep living in the past and dividing the fanbase with your constant negativity. Keep surrounding yourself with those who share your specific opinions and perspective. Seriously your idol Lou would be ashamed of your overreaction.

            • John Vannie says:

              Oh, I don’t mind a little dissent, but I don’t suffer fools very well. Consider yourself on a posting hiatus.

    37. All the obvious has already been stated. Kelly has never been able to prepare for the big stage, Kelly is only consistent at embarrassing the Irish when playing top 10 opponents. It starts at the top, Swarbrick needs to go!

    38. Pathetic! Another terrible job by BK. Team was not prepared and played with no energy. They are overrated and will struggle against Navy and lose to Stanford on road. Both BK and JS need to be fired. Need a coach who can motivate and game plan. This was a total embarrassment. O line couldn’t block, qb only completed passes to Miami and defense forgot how to tackle. Better to have this whipping now versus the playoffs because if we played Alabama it would be worse. Looking forward to a nice lower tier bowl against a 6-6 team so BK may finally get a bowl win.

      • Painful day, I have been ND fan since 1939, listened to ND-USC game on the radio. Lived through the great times- the Angelo Bertelli (1943) season, the Frank Leahy years, etc. Have watched college football become a giant profit making industry with no comparisons with the past (since about the ’60’s and TV). ND must see that competitive football with Alabama or Oklahoma is not in the picture. Time to make the sensible decision- join a league (one with reasonable chance to compete) and at least get a league championship game once every decade.

    39. There are some glaring things that got exposed big time:

      1. How poor our special teams is. This is a well known problem but it’s a glaring issue when playing a good team like Miami.
      2. How our physical defense can’t very well handle athleticism and particularly speed. Especially when the offense isn’t clicking. Malik Rosier looked how I thought Wimbush would last night.
      3. Wimbush is simply not a good passer. He can be but the development just isn’t happening. There’s something wrong there, perhaps coaching and/or the work he’s putting in.
      4. Our offensive line crumbles when put against a front 7 like Miami’s. Those caliber type of front 7s have been winning the most recent national titles. Dabo Swinney found that out and got rewarded with a title after finding a capable QB. Case in point: Clemson has a backup QB and they are STILL in the hunt. Bama looks practically unbeatable.
      5. Let’s face it, we have a one-dimensional offense. The passing game just isn’t there. Shut that down and the whole system breaks down in all phases of the game.
      6. The biggest glaring item though is the mental preparation. You could tell last night that one team prepared and the other didn’t. It reminded me of Iowa’s beat down of OSU, only that Miami has superior athletes to Iowa and we can’t hold a candle to OSU’s athletes.

      I think we bounce back against Navy – it’ll be a close game. At this point I don’t believe our physicality can overwhelm Stanford. 9-3 to close out the year.

    40. You know i have been thinking about something that has bugged me… we talk about preparation etc. Brian Kelly while a good coach is not a great one.. i get it about the recruiting and the academic standards. Lets take a look at Mike Brey. he always seems to overachieve. He has the same standards to deal with and plays a brutal schedule but you he is always prepared and recruits well. I always admire his coaching.Even against strong teams he is always competitive. I have never seen a blowout occur under him. sure they have bad games and basketball is a different animal but his results are impressive.

    41. When Notre Dame has been great both on and off the field, has it been by luck, or by grace? If the former, then what is so special about Notre Dame to begin with, if ND’s historical identity as a Catholic college had little to do with grace and its greatness all along. But if its greatness was fueled by grace, by the school’s love for Our Lady and Our Lady’s love for the school, then is it any wonder that ND’s greatness has diminished in proportion to the loss of orthodox Catholic identity? This past Wednesday I woke up to the following headline on the National Catholic Register: “In an unexpected policy reversal, the University of Notre Dame has said that it will continue to provide free contraceptive services to its faculty and staff.
      The university has sought to downplay the move as a decision made by its health care insurance providers rather than a backtrack by Notre Dame’s administration, but critics characterize it as a “stunning” failure to uphold Catholic identity on campus.” Immediately my heart sank, and I said to myself, we’re going to lose this game on Saturday. No grace, no greatness.

    42. I don’t know if it meant anything after such a crushing defeat but from the get-go Brian Kelly’s pregame interview left me feeling uneasy. He appeared to be intimidated by the environment if not the opponent. He didn’t look well. I also got the sense that he may have known some things about the team he wasn’t about share. I just recall thinking “uh-oh that just doesn’t look really good. I hope it doesn’t signal anything”. Unfortunately it did but it was worse than I imagined at the time. All I can say about it is that having been a coach in several sports, in a blow out game, the winner is never as good nor is the loser as bad as the score might indicate. There are many reasons why teams lose, some we know some we don’t. Victory has many fathers while defeat is always an orphan. I’m rooting for the coaches and the team to pull it together and finish strong. That’s what a good team does after all. Go Irish!

    43. Please people stop whining about the Academics etc etc etc. You make me sick.

    44. Paul Lagan says:

      I think the Irish simply had an off night and were flat. The same thing happened to Georgia. Michigan State was blown away, and Ohio State was trounced by Iowa the week before. These things happen. I do not care for Kelly. I know ND is THAT bad and I am SURE Miami is not THAT Good.

      • So Miami barely beats “mediocre teams,” but when they destroy a #3 “powerhouse” on a national stage, they are not that good. Listen to yourself. Don’t just wake up the echoes. Wake up!!!

    45. I am really heart broken over this one. I thought BK had the team this year to go all the way. I frankly, did not see (like so many have commented) this coming. ND looked totally unprepared and almost intimidated. Sad. I knew it was over in the second quarter. You could just look at both teams. One really wanted it and one didn’t seem to want to even be there. Maybe they were given too much time on the beach. I keep wating for a big time win at a big time moment and I don’t know that it has happen or ever will with coach BK. I have been pulling for him and I do congratulate him on turning the program around this year with new coaches and attitudes. Didn’t see that coming either. However, last week it looks like BK and the staff and the players took too much time off or played around too much or both. To close….I am embarrassed to say the least and don’t know what else to say.

    46. irishhawk50 says:

      I’ve said all year that Wimbush can’t pass and a top tier team needs a decent passing game. No one wants to hear it but playing Book from the get go might have given ND a chance. Wimbush can make great running plays against mediocre defenses no doubt, but his deer in the headlights look against top tier teams says he has real limits. Kelly by putting him back in the second half had already given up on the game especially after Miami drove down and scored on the opening kickoff. Kelly was looking ahead to Navy figuring to save Wimbush’s confidence for a game he could run around in and win thus insuring at least a 9 win season and his job.Sorry but as I have said Kelly is an 8-4 type coach sometimes a little better but after 8 years of losing to top tier teams I think people should be able to see that he has hit his ceiling.

    47. I was wrong about Miami, superb preparation and performance. No turnovers, few penalties. ND has a lot still to play for…namely our bowl record is atrocious. We lost to one of the best teams in the country and some of our weaknesses were exposed. This has been a good season thus far and if we win out and win a bowl game we will have something to hang our hat on:
      Let us review the preseason ND Poll
      Us NDNation diehards predicted a 7.2 win season. The games were categorized thusly

      The Underdogs: Southern Cal, Stanford, Georgia
      The coin tosses: Miami, Michigan State
      The slight favorites: UNC, NC State
      The solid favorites: Navy, BC
      The heavy favorites: Wake Forest, Temple, Miami(OH)

      We are 8-2…can we do better? Can we beat a top ten team on New Year’s Day?

      I remember Montana Holtz and 88. Arrogant Pride is a deadly sin. That’s usually in the fans.
      Dear Kelly. Fix it.
      Go Irish.

    48. in addition to BK being a terrible game day coach, a mediocre recruiter and poor motivator and an outstanding excuse maker, he also has a history of hiring assistants that don’t get it done. Wimbush as a mobile QB is being coached by the least mobile QB in NCAA history. How can you expect Wimbush to develop when his mentor didn’t play and doesnt understand the kind of offense we have. IF Kelly were to leave I wold hope he would take Rees with him. What a joke to have a guy with no experience coaching a young QB in the current offense

    49. Will someone explain to me how Miami struggles to beat 2-8 North Carolina 24-19, while the Irish totally dominates that same team 33-10 (should have been 40-10 if not for them taking a knee on the 2 yard line), and yet they get destroyed by Miami, who has struggled against every team they’ve played except Virginia Tech, while the Irish have totally dominated every team they’ve beaten. I just can’t wrap my freakin head around those facts. I read a prefect analogy online today about the Irish that goes like this: “Notre Dame is like an ex-girlfriend to its fans. You keep going back to her, even though you know she’s going to break your heart over and over again.” I wouldn’t be surprised if they lose their last 2 games against Navy and Stanford and finish 8-4 (Their normal record under Kelly) and then get blown out in whatever bowl game they go to. Currently, the AP and coaches poll still has the Irish in the top 10 (they don’t deserve that ranking) and forecasted to go to the Cotton Bowl against Penn State. Yeah, good luck with that. The Nittany Lions would blow them out for sure. That would be typical for them. I’m never going to get excited about the Irish again until they win a national championship game, or at the least a major bowl game against an elite team. The Irish haven’t beaten and elite team in decades. I’m definitely done drinking the Koolaide.

      • Please stoip saying Miami struggled to win games against such and such. Just tell like it is. How about Miami won games against such and such? Now a days, any team has to fight to stay on top week after week.

        • John Vannie says:

          That’s a good point. Miami has few senior starters but they have plenty of depth. They have improved since September while ND’s lack of depth has taken a toll on the defense. A lot of folks including DK1 tried to use comparative scores and stats to predict the outcome of Saturday’s game, and scoffed at my warning that it was a fool’s errand. Miami is a much more confident team now and will give Clemson all it can handle in the ACC championship game.

    50. Kelly is 3-9 in road games against ranked opponents. He does not prepare his troops for battle in hostile environments against good teams. I remember that Holtz called Jimmy Johnson and asked for advice about how the Canes prepared for road games against the elite before ND played at the LA Colosseum in 1988 on the way to the National Championship. Lou admired the Cane’s road performances. I doubt Kelly sought the counsel of anyone in the know.

    51. Was at the game. First series of the game set the tone for the events that followed. Too casual in the approach and it showed from the get go. Played very passive and got it handed to us. How could the team not be ready to play in this game ? Not good.

    52. Elkhart Joe says:

      About the only thing that can be said is that the Canes defense was in our backfield all night while our defense never made it into their backfield. ND has to recruit plenty of four and five star defensive linemen or they will always be mediocre.

    53. Ara's Magical Season says:

      Such a bad performance on the big stage. These losses have long term ramifications which makes it much harder as a fan to move on from. The overall consensus about ND when they have a good season is to down play their wins and assume they will lose against the best competition. This will undoubtedly feed into that and it’s fair. They still get mocked for the Alabama thrashing and now 5 years later we add this to the resume. I suspect they will lose at Stanford as well. 2 main things about Kelly teams are they lose the big game and they have trouble getting their season back on track once they suffer a big loss.

    54. Hard to stay focused for every game BUT that’s the coaches jobs. ND was once again beaten on the corners when attempting to protect the quarterback. Quicker defensive backs took advantage of slower ND linemen just like with Georgia. I would hope that Brian Kelly and staff are listening. This I would think could be easily remedied by keeping two backs in the backfield like the old T formation. I realize this creates less APPARENT receivers but think options from this formation.

    55. We need a change. Kelly still cant win the game that changes our football program into a power house. Dabo at clemson took a program that was down and won the games that made clemson into a elite program. I was there when notre dame lose to clemson. I told my wife who ever wins this game will play for a title. Dabo relates to the players and the fans. I was down to the home opener at clemson and dabo stop and talk with my son and gave him a high five. My wife went to school at clemson. Dabo is the type of coach we need with a great personality. Kelly just stood on the sideline with the same look when bama was blowing us out.

    56. My fears dictated on this page after WF game were manifested against Miami. WF exploited the middle of our D for multiple scores of 20+ yards. We’ were gashed on the qb draw.
      I predicted Mark Richt would exploit this and he did just that.
      Wimbush no where near ready for prime time. Can anyone name a qb that Kelly developed at ND.
      Sadly his record this year will only extend his coaching career and the misery of die hard Domers.

    57. Kelly and $warbrick I believe are both on record as saying that last year’s 4-8 disaster was the result of Kelly being the “absent professor” to use his own words. I think equating his intellect to that of a professor is stretch of enormous proportion but I digress. Has anyone vetted the veracity of this statement and verified that he was constantly on the rubber chicken circuit and at alumni clubs. I dont know recall hearing folks from various spots across the fruited plain saying Brian Kelly was appearing in their towns raising money for the Golden Dome. Indeed, unlike Holtz I am led to believe he is not a sought after after dinner speaker at ND events. I certainly can not speak to his schedule but if BK showed up at the Marriott in Des Moines and elsewhere, I think folks on this board would mention it. GIven his propensity for excuse making I am just now wondering if there is any veracity to this absent professor story. Assuming he was out schmoozing wealthy alums and trying to separate them from their wallets, why was $warbrick complicit and accepting of his coach doing such non football related events in the midst and aftermath of one of ND’s most pathetic football seasons in history. If true, Swarbrick certainly was negligent in his duties. Not sure ND is that good at football anymore but I sure as hell know they are very good at raising money with or without Brian Kelly.

    58. I grew up an ND fan but went to Penn State, so I follow both programs very closely. I don’t think you can give James Franklin enough credit for how quickly and successfully he got that program turned around. Look at the deck he was dealt. I don’t know details about admissions standard to compare both schools but I know that Penn State is one of the few schools left that still requires all freshman to take calculus, and thus is often criticized that its admissions standards limit their football recruiting. Yet James Franklin comes in to a mess at a good academic school and makes it look easy. And who the hell is James Franklin anyway? He sure was not big time name with high accolades and pedigree when he was hired.
      When I watched Brian Kelly’s demeansor on Saturday, the difference became obvious. James Franklin is high energy, positive, inspiring, motivation. His can convince his team to believe in thesmselves and has created a culture that those kids thrive in. Then you look at Brian Kelly and you see the polar opposite. No energy, no motivation, plenty of excuses to boot. I’ve never been in the ND locker room but I can only imagine that his pregrame speeches are dry and business like. He made he good at a lot of the technical aspects of coaching football, but college ball is a game of emotions and what these kids need first and foremost is a leader, not a manager. They need someone who can instill passion and get them charged up to the point that when they storm that field they BELIEVE they can win no matter who they are playing. This is how Penn State knocked off OSU last yesr when they were huge underdogs and it is how they have been improving ever since. BK is able to assemble teams with enough potential that I believe could beat anybody, including Alabama. But he is missing the key ingredients of passion and emotion and that is the difference we are seeing.

    59. Bradford Redding II says:

      The facts that were displayed are obvious:

      poor planning and poor execution which resulted in us getting whipped like we stole something. Gone are the days of old and this is the new era we are living in. I remember going to my first Irish football game with my Dad and my uncles back in the late seventies…I was probably either 7 or 8 yrs old at the time and remember hearing the stadium being so freakin loud. That was the hook that snagged me to the side of Notre Dame. Watched games that were bad and good through the years from Dan Devine through now Brian Kelly. I can say that the issue that keeps rearing its ugly head is in fact the concept of the winning attitude isn’t there anymore. Its so obvious that our team was extremely ill prepared against Miami and were rewarded with a loss thus knocking us out of the hunt for a National Championship. To the Fighting Irish football team, use this loss as fuel for every game from now on. Fight Irish fight! Don’t you all quit becuase I still believe in you guys. Destroy them all!!

      GO IRISH!