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    Tigers Stand Between Notre Dame and Elusive 10th win

    12.31.2017 · Posted in -Football News, Notre Dame Football

    Kabong steps in for Vannie, who is taking some time off.

    Only four times in the last 20 years have the Fighting Irish managed to complete a season with a win total in the double digits.  Brian Kelly and his charges will attempt to make it five on New Years Day when they take on … ...

    Revisiting the Reboot

    11.01.2017 · Posted in NDNation, News, Notre Dame Football

    Jack Swarbrick threw around the word “Reboot” liberally this off-season which many jokingly (and to some extent justifiably) compared to what college students engage in the day after a binge weekend… just the college football coaching version.  What’s clear now is that the reboot has had a marked impact that has lifted the team from ...

    Wonder, Think and Know — Great Pumpkin edition

    I’m reasonably certain Mike Royko never said, “Some things you wonder, some things you think, and some things you just know.” On the other hand, I know I said on Rock’s House I would have a measure of this team by Halloween, once the fluffier first half of the season was over and the meatier ...