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    Don’t Shoot the Messengers

    01.28.2018 · Posted in ND Administration, News, Notre Dame History

    Yes yes, we’re the meanies again.  Same as it ever was.

    Folks are now getting upset because people on our restricted football board, Rock’s House, are discussing the possible connections between Notre Dame Director of Athletics Jack Swarbrick and the scandal currently overwhelming the United States Gymnastics program and its tolerance of a serial sexual … ...

    Wonder, Think and Know: Football Four Edition

    I don’t think Mike Royko ever commented on Notre Dame’s academic integrity.  He certainly never said “Some things you wonder, some things you think, and some things you just know”, particularly outside of any sports seasons.  But the current situation with Notre Dame’s investigation of academic misconduct by students, including four football players, demands I ...

    Enter At Our Own Risk

    Let’s face it, in my lexicon, “excellence” is to “Ann Arbor” as “taste” is to “Kardashian”. Unless we’re talking about things like this or this or this, of course … one must recognize facts when they’re presented, after all.

    But today my hat must tip, because this morning I read an article in the Ann … ...