To add more to what is stated below.
by steelhop (2018-05-02 10:30:06)

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That was mid-week game sandwiched between UVA and OSU. Both programs are certainly more on the map in the lax world. ND didn't respect them and they are building a program. They just beat PSU on the road for their 1st B1G win ever and they have had some close losses at home. They were only down 7-5 to MD late in the 3rd before MD turned it up to win 13-5. They lost to Hopkins 10-9 with Hopkins scoring the game winning goal with less than 30 second.

It looked like a bad loss earlier this year but it looks better given an entire season's perspective.

Unfortunately, they will be a team to watch in the coming years. Have a number of young players and pouring money into their program with a new facility (though they only have 2 fulltime coaches and a volunteer).