"Ifs and buts" - Losses to North Carolina and Michigan
by Otter (2018-05-02 16:18:57)
Edited on 2018-05-02 16:20:37

I have posted that this is the most joyless year watching ND Lax since I became a fan 6 years ago. And it is true that some of our wins were squeakers, like the one against Marquette. It is also true that we looked terrible against Duke the first time.


IF ND had beaten Michigan...and they certainly could have with a healthy roster and also beaten UNC (a game which could have gone either way) - the Irish would be 11-3 with losses to #3 Maryland, #5 Duke (later avenged in teh ACC tourney) and #12 Syracuse on the road.

11-3 with that strength of schedule would be pretty much what I'd have predicted before the season. If that was the case, they'd be looking at a top 4 seed in the tourney.

They haven't looked great, but take away two bad losses in games they could have had? This would be a normal season.

As it is, I think/hope they are peaking at the right time. If they made a run this year, it would be pretty darn unexpected and fun.