Tierney doesn't own Corrigan.
by basicbasket (2018-05-13 16:31:40)
Edited on 2018-05-13 18:21:03

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3-1 vs DU from 2010-14 (Tierney, no Baptiste). Went 54-97 (56%) on FOs in those games.
1-6 vs DU from 2014-18 (Tierney + Baptiste). Went 47-159 (29%) on FOs in those games.

I don't love Corrigan, but that isn't a coincidence. The goaltending today was bad, but even when we had better goaltending (Doss) from 2014-16, we couldn't beat them.

(Now, if we keep getting dominated vs. DU at the X next year when he is gone, it's a different story.)

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