I'm pissed off. (Cursing within)
by Otter (2018-05-14 10:19:27)
Edited on 2018-05-14 10:44:03

I'm not one to be a conspiracy theorist or blame referees for outcomes across the sports I follow. That's not me.

But the rules for LAX seeding royally suck. I understand that there is no eye test...fine. But if Denver beats Georgetown, they're a 5 or a 6 seed.

There's no way ND gets that matchup except for the fucking travel guidelines. And yeah yeah yeah, we need to beat teams like Denver if we are going to win a title. Enough with that shit. We deserve a fair draw based on our body of work.

Most prognosticators had us between a 4 and a 6 seed. We get a 7 and get Denver because we are so far out West. And you know damned well that even if we got the 5 seed we'd still have gotten Denver. How about some bracket integrity? Hockey can at least try to do it.

I don't want to hear this shit about "growing the game" when they continue to treat Indiana like it's a fucking outpost in Oregon Trail.

Denver was the last fucking team ND needed to see. There is a growing rivalry between the schools in BOTH of the only sports Denver is good at (Hockey and Lacrosse). Look at how those fuckers traveled to ND for a first round matchup. My son was incredulous at the cheers when DU scored.

They couldn't have given a rats ass about playing ND at ND. They have our number and they know it. That's why those fans traveled so well. You think Georgetown comes into Arlotta with the confidence Denver did? Or Richmond? Or even Syracuse? Hell no.

Seed notwithstanding, we'd have been better off playing Maryland at home. Not sure if we've ever hosted them there and we have beaten them several times in the last four years. Denver came in confident they would win and that is a huge difference.

Unfair in a survive and advance format. NCAA needs to get their shit together and fix this.