We need Halfpenny out and go after a hyphenated named coach
by Domerduck (2018-05-28 06:47:00)

Either Acacia Walker-Weinstein of NC runner up BC or Shelly Klaes-Bawcombe of National Champion JMU would be a massive upgrade over Halfpenny who missed the NCAA tournament this year and only once got her team to the quarterfinals since being here while both these coaches have taken programs with little history to the National Championship game. From a facility and job attractiveness, ND would have to be an upgrade for either of the coaches.

W-W is the younger of the 2, a Maryland 2005 grad/lacrosse AA & team captain who became an Assistant coach at Northwestern before heading to Massachusetts. She has been HC at BC since 2012 and this was her best year. K-B was a 1997 JMU AA and so is coaching her 12th year at her alma mater after 5 years as HC at Hofstra, Going from the CAA to the ACC could be the attraction. It will be hard for her to duplicate her feat at James Madison.

Of course to improve Jack has to fire a coach who has disappointed.