Too early to look at next year's roster?
by irishdoc01 (2018-05-30 21:06:28)

Garnsey, Willets

I think Gleason (primarily a dodger) and Jackoboice (pass first lefty) fit better here, but may again be needed at the offensive midfield. Chase and Morin are other options for the third guy. Will miss Wynne's ground balls and finishing touch.

Costabile, Drake, Gleason
Jackoboice, Stinn, McNamara

I suspect Gleason will stay on the field at attack while the second midfield plays. Will miss Byrne and Collins here, but hope some of the depth we saw in the Army game will step up. Komatz, Fay, Gayhardt, Menke are options.

Leonard, Hyland, Frane

Will miss Travisano. Hopefully Hyland will be healthy. I expect the double pole trend to continue.

Schantz, Phillips

Millikan was under appreciated by whoever votes on all-americans. Will miss him. Looking for depth from Cassidy and Mirer.

Restic, Trense

Can't understate what Sexton did here. Restic played some as a freshman. Not sure if he was hurt this year or fell out of favor. Hoping for a bounce back season. Depth from Cochran.

Crance, Kielty, Cohen

When's the last time we've had a close unit come back intact? This group should be one of the best in the country. Littlefield, Farnish, Blommer, Olinger will provide depth. Any bagpipers in this group?


Expect a jump here in year two.